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High quality, no-nonsense free astrology readings that will tell you everything you need to know!
Our astrologers can provide you with an answer to ONE FREE QUESTION to forecast your day, week, month or upcoming year 2016--based on the analysis of your Chart. Below you can choose from a free online Astrology reading, Numerology reading or Horoscope reading. Even your minor aspects are delineated in full, rich detail, making this an awesomely complete free Astrology reading.
Learn the secrets of Vedic astrology and explore your Vedic astrology horoscope with a Vedic Astrology Reading online free by our professional astrologers. Vedic astrology, a type of astrology favored in Indian culture, has been practiced over hundreds of years. Vedic astrology is believed to be derived from sacred religious texts and is very highly regarded in India. Explore the influences of Karma on your personality and life events with a Karmic Astrology Reading by our professional astrologers. Karma is believed to be an energy, or a part of ourselves, that we carry throughout our different lifetimes and from past to present and even into the future.
Past life karma can affect our current lives, and many people believe that Karma readings are essential to understanding oneself and their purpose in this life and in past lives.
In astrology, a natal chart is an astrological chart drawn for the exact time of a person’s birth at a particular place on earth. A natal chart reading if often the first step recommended to persons looking to utilize astrology to find out more about themselves.
Indian or Hindu astrology, while similar in concept to traditional Western astrology, is more highly regarded in the Indian culture. Most newborns are named based on their star charts, and native colleges and universities offer degrees in Indian astrology. Learn the secrets of your Chinese astrology horoscope and explore Chinese astrology compatibility with a Chinese Astrology Reading by our professional astrologers. Formulated from traditional styles of astrology, Chinese astrology follows the same basic principles. Chinese astrology horoscopes also determine what element, such as Earth, Metal, Wood, Fire, etc. Classical astrology, also known as ancient astrology, is a practice that goes back hundreds of years.
Understand hidden numerology meanings and explore numerology compatibility with a Numerology Reading by our professional numerologists.
Numerology is a type of astrology that is based on numbers, specifically the numbers contained in one's birth date. The meanings of these numbers can predict a person's behavior, their life path and even predict future relationships and compatibility with others. Private Consultationswith Katie SweetmanNo matter where you are in the world, I'm available via phone, Skype, or FaceTime for private astrology + psychic consultations. There’s an interesting interplay here between Melissa’s Pisces ascendant (AC) and the strong Virgo note in her chart.
I’ve spoken previously of karmic signatures in Melissa’s chart that make up a part of her psyche now.
Needless to say Melissa spoke her mind, for better or for worse, and she’s generated some karma over it.
With her chart angles and planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), the last years would have presented their ups and downs. About MeKatie SweetmanI'm an astrologer, writer, and psychic medium living in Brooklyn, New York. Mailing List LoveSign up for Empowering Astrology in your inbox, from cosmic updates to info on events. I read on your website regarding your consultation rate and I want to know why your consultation rates are high if we call from outside India? My question to you is: - Why you left your job in India and why you shifted to some other country? The truth is: - Consultation charges are less for clients residing in countries of Indian subcontinent because value of currency of these countries is quite less when we come on an international level and when we compare them with currency of many other countries. It's just like you left India to some other country whose currency has a higher rate as compared to Indian rupee.
If you wish to get analyzed your horoscope at the rate which is applicable for clients residing inside Indian subcontinent then you should comeback to India and after that you should contact me back. Kindly avoid expecting FREE of cost service from me because in that case I will type a very lengthy but logical answer which will not be liked by you as it will be containing some bitter truths.
Once again I say if you wish to get analyzed your horoscope at the rate which is applicable for clients residing inside Indian subcontinent then you should comeback to India and after that you should contact me back.
Note (1) : - Consultation fee would simply get doubled in queries related to love life, married life, family life & childbirth as horoscopes of both will have to be analyzed. Note (6) : - If you use cheque then kindly also mention cheque number and the date on which it is drawn. Note (7) : - In case of some problem we may ask you to furnish proof of your payment (like screenshot of transaction web page or soft copy of receipt) as an attachment via email.
Note (9) : - Astrological Consultation & Astrological Report will be provided to you only sometime after receipt of your payment.

Several of his documents or testimonials have been pasted in this site and various Astrology related articles have also been embedded into it. He never appear on any TV channels or he never give advertisements in newspapers which means he is not involved in any sort of offline publicity for his marketing & he wants to prevent himself from obtaining any sort of unwanted publicity. Share it now!The reason for a man and a woman to come into a relationship which later culminates into a marriage is their emotional and physical needs. Share it now!Most of the astrologers say that real gems play a vital role in the life and good health and well being of the people. Share it now!In Asian countries, there are various methods through which fortune telling is practiced and palm reading is one of them. Share it now!Mystik Astrology provides best Online Indian Vedic Astrology Phone consultation service in India, UK, Europe, US, UAE and globally.
The Sheng Xiao is another name of Chinese astrology which is focused around a twelve year cycle and every year in that cycle identified with a creature sign. Like the ten wonderful stems and twelve natural limbs, creatures in Chinese zodiac were likewise made for considering years the framework that is presently all around acknowledged focused around the Christian timetable was up ’til now non-existent. Despite the fact that individuals think about the rodent not charming, and it even goes into unfavorable dialects, it positions first on the Chinese astrology.
Tigers, recognized to be overcome, coldblooded, intense and startling, are the image of force and nobility.
In the Chinese zodiac, the Snake is recorded after the Dragon, however its place and its essentialness as an image of love is far short of what that of the Dragon. Get free yes no tarot reading without the hassles, instant answer without any obligations to pay. Sessions are held in-person, over the phone, or via Skype.  You can also request a written reading. Request a personal email Astrology reading for sage Astrology advice, Star guidance, or inspiration.
Accurate Astrological reading and let our astrology experts reveal your future and your luck for free. To initiate an astrology reading, choose your preferred Vedic astrologer below, then connect with them either by phone, chat (first 3 minutes free!) or email. Many Vedic astrologers, also known as Gurus or Masters, are very highly revered in this culture and Vedic astrology chart and horoscope interpretations are often sought to provide guidance on a variety of life situations and questions.
Karma is affected daily by our actions, and good actions bring about good Karma and vice versa. Karma and astrology go hand in hand because while astrology tells us more about our current lifetime, Karmic astrology readings will tell us about our past lifetimes and how they currently affect us. Sometimes referred to as a birth chart or birth horoscope, an accurate natal chart can offer incredible insight into an individual’s personality, compatibility with others and important life events. In order to ensure a natal or birth chart interpretation is accurate, the exact time of birth is required as it is the time of birth rather than the day of birth that influences the ascendant and house placements. Indian astrology consists of three different branches, including Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora, or predictive astrology. Members of the Indian culture often consult their star charts before making major decisions in their lives, and many of their sacred texts are derived from or refer to astrology in different ways.
To initiate an astrology reading or get your Chinese astrology birth chart, choose your preferred astrologer above, then connect with them either by phone, chat or email.
The study of numerology, however, goes a step further when some people find that significant numbers - often the same ones - continue to show up in their lives over and over.
Discover the secrets of yourself through your natal chart and how you can open up its highest potential. Someone with a strong current of Virgo energy in their chart is going to be very service conscious. Chiron conjunct the North Node in the 3rd house deconstructs the religion and philosophy of the 9th house and examines its intellectual parts. She may even be feeling the rumbles of this major rite of passage as she starts to question everything about her life, especially relationships as Saturn is in Libra right now.
A person can be in a worst situation outside India, like me, when I was in India I had a job, but I moved to foreign country with my husband six months aback and now I am jobless and trapped inside a house from 6 months living the life of a prisoner.
I'm sure you wished to earn more money or perhaps you thought that you deserved to earn more due to your high education and due to your caliber. You have raised this question only because you were born and brought up in India and sometime aback you have shifted to some other country whose currency has higher value as compared to Indian currency.
It's because of my high education (which is lacking in other full-time astrologers of India). You had a job in India but still you shifted to other country because you wished to earn more. In that case kindly inquire from your bank how much time it'll take in the transfer of money and then also intimate it to us. If your payment will be received between 6am to 6pm (IST or Indian Standard Time) then you will be intimated about its receipt within 6 hours of its receipt.
It is expected that you have decided to approach him for obtaining astrological consultation from him only after exploring this official website very thoroughly.
These creature signs are the rodent, bull, tiger, rabbit, mythical serpent, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, canine and pig. It is accepted that the years spoke to by the creatures influence the characters of individuals in the same way as the indication of zodiac embraced by western human advancements.

It has qualities of a creature with soul, wit, readiness, delicacy, adaptability and essentialness.
In life, individuals regularly utilized it to show something huge in size or expansive in number. Cost is $150, cash or credit.  To book y!our reading, please use my Contact form or you can message me on my Facebook page.
Get honest, accurate, email Astrology answers to your most pressing questions in 48 hours or less! We'll calculate and explain your personal numbers for motivation, impression, expression, karma, subconscious response, destiny, life cycles, turning points and major and minor challenges.
While the majority of Western culture regards astrology as a pseudoscience, astrologers in India are taken very seriously by the majority of the population. Where it differs from traditional Western astrology is that which Zodiac sign a person falls in depends not on what period during the year they were born in, but actually what year they were born in.
Much like Western astrology, Chinese astrology birth charts can also offer great insights into astrology compatibility. The Renaissance and medieval times were the most popular times for classical or ancient astrology, and many astrologers and studiers of this art feel that classical astrology has an air of elegance and depth to it that many other forms of astrology have not yet developed. Virgo makes for excellent civil servants, teachers, editors, critical thinkers, and skillful managers of organizations. North Node in Gemini in the 3rd house says she is moving towards a reevaluation of the facts and a new approach to learning and fact gathering.
Melissa may sometimes feel like she doesn’t have all the facts or that her early education was in some way insufficient. Events during 2012 will take on these themes in order to provide opportunities for Melissa to master them. Get a fresh look on the planets and learn how to use astrology to unlock your highest potential. You wouldn't have raised this question if you were born and brought up in some developed country because in that case a sum of 50-100 dollars wouldn't be a big amount for you.
Also I am working on an international level and the fee of 100 US dollars is not considered as high when we work on an international level.
There exist hundreds or thousands of Astrology related websites on the internet but you are approaching him which proves that you have developed some faith in him.
Our Astrologers below are renown for delivering truthful, honest and accurate free Astrology readings, guaranteed. When reading an astrology chart, an astrologer applies classical or ancient astrology in much the same way as modern or western astrology, for both relationship, financial and workplace predictions as well as personality definition.
Add Uranus into the mix and there’s an element of upsetting the status quo with her beliefs. And while Virgo is all about the physical, everyday world, Pisces is much more detached, transpersonal, and of the imagination.
With Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th house, Melissa can get a jump on her lessons by taking the time to think about who has power over her. I am charging 50-100 dollars from past many years from clients residing outside Indian subcontinent and nobody has ever complained.
Chances are very high that you are presently located either in Canada or USA or UK or some other European country. There are likewise numerous legends on chasing tigers managing battling against wickedness may. They have years of experience and thousands of positive user reviews you can read to prove it! The insecurities around learning (Chiron in Gemini, crisis of intellect) is only there to foster a soul need to get more information and get back to the basics of what informed this previous radical philosophy that no longer serves her. This means she’s wrapping up one stage of her life, closing the chapter on aspects of her self and relationships.
I am very sure you haven't shifted to Nepal or Bhutan or Pakistan or Bangladesh (whose currency has a lesser value than Indian rupee).
Select your Gregorian date of conception, and you’ll uncover your date of conception as per the lunar timetable together with your zodiac sign. Our Astrology reading advisors are clear, compassionate, reliable, honest, accurate, trained and trusted Astrology professionals.We offer accurate and professional Astrology Readings online free.
They are happiest when in deep contemplation, in a state where they feel part of something much greater than themselves, and in service of spirit. And with Saturn nearby, she’s learning powerful soul lessons about what it means to be a survivor and what it means to experience what is intimate and unsafe. Chiron conjunct the North Node also speaks to a lifetime where Melissa is stepping into the role of healer and teacher. Every creature sign is typically related with a natural limb, so the creature years were called rabbit, bull, tiger, rabbit, horse, sheep, monkey, you chicken and puppy . Here, you can receive love Astrology readings online free, birth astrology readings, compatibility forecasts and personal horoscope predictions from our gifted astrologers. There’s Saturnian structure and ambition to that Neptune fog showing that Melissa is good at bringing ideas into form.

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