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Her fingers are straight, which is a very good sign and each planet is placed in a good manner, and not interfering with each othera€™s results.
One needs to notice that her head and heart lines are barely touching each other indicating that she has the ability to time her events.
Her head line is reasonably strong indicating that she is able to coup up with her sensitive nature. A very good mount of Venus indicates that she has great capacity to give love and take it as well. If you want to know more about yourself as a unique individual or about the couple you are in, our online astrology reading service will be enlightening for you.
After understanding the differences between different astrological products on the internet market, I can tell you that the best way to understand this, is to see for yourself by studying several natal charts and by learning to discover others through astrological aspects in this way. You can calculate natal charts using different applications online, but any experienced astrologer will preffer to use a program that he can configure as he or she likes, to be able to study the same data using different settings, and to be able to quickly change anything in the appearance of the chart. For example, If I want to establish more accurately the birth hour of a person, or study the transits, I need to change the data quickly and see the changes in real-time, and I can’t do that with any online application.

Also, if I'm study a relationship, I usually open four charts, his, hers, the sinastry and the composite chart, that’s also very inconvenient to do online, especially if you want to quickly change orb settings for different aspects and so on.
To get a glimpse at the complexity of a natal chart, I want to share with you the basic method of calculating it, with a small application called Astrolog32. Please also read the installation instructions, I will skip this part and just show you how to complete the natal chart data. They usually have no place in the car, letting others get in that need the car, walking beside the car listening to the angelic choir represented by the voice of the navigation system: "Lord please help us get there well", "what will happen if we don't get there?", "do I deserve to get there?" and other precious indications like these, about the destination.
The navigation system chooses the route randomly and it modifies it several times during a journey with spontaneous and relaxed interventions like: "at the next intersection turn to a random direction" or "ha-ha-ha, who would have thought, we're lost". Get free yes no tarot reading without the hassles, instant answer without any obligations to pay. It is tapered at the end indicating a person who is never satisfied and a person who is perfectionist. Her fate line starts from the mount of moon that shows that people from outside of the family will help her in her career.

The Aquarius sign, will never be disturbed that the tracks were designed for someone else, he is free enough to travel wherever he want, with whomever he wants and on whoever's tracks he wants. The second phalange of her thumb is long indicating that she is logical and tactful in a good way to plan and take actions in her life. She does not have a good mount of moon indicating that she is not moody and lacks the power of imagination. One can see her thumb is prominent and she has her own opinions and cannot be subdued by anybody.
No branches on heart line indicate that she does not prefer children much and important thing to note is she keeps no attachments.

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