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And there’s a big difference between curbing, curtailing, and being disciplined, right? Saturn is also about defining the area of life where he’s transiting because when you define something you set the limit. So Saturn through your 2nd could be you deciding how you want to make your money or it could be you needing to curb your spending. Heh, I should stop before my descriptions get more and more gloomy but that’s me, with Saturn through my 3rd House!
This transit, actually, is good for those who struggle with regulating their emotions or who also will have Saturn transit their 3rd House. And when Saturn AND Neptune are in the picture, sometimes it feels all crystal and sometimes it don’t. What I like best about the sky right now is that Saturn in Libra (at 29 degrees) is trine Neptune in Pisces at 0 degrees. Next week Saturn enters Scorpio and Jupiter goes retrograde and the Saturn Neptune trine, wonky or not, is already with us.
Saturn is leaving Libra next month. He may or may not be leaving a particular house in your chart, it depends. His Saturn is conjunct my descendent. A few short years and we have a short painful history. If Saturn in Libra was about our relationships, Venus-style, then Saturn in Scorpio is about our relationships, yes, Scorpio-style.
When you get close to someone, do you worry that they are going to die?  They are going to die, you know.
Last night, on the phone with my high school friend: Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter in Scorpio (pretty sure I’m right about the Jupiter.
And we were talking about love and sex and he was saying how any woman could go to a bar and blah blah blah get sex and blah blah blah blah. My high school friend is a little coarse at times. I chastised him (teasing, not serious) about something else he said (I won’t repeat it). So we were talking about love and talking about sex and his definition of the two of them together in one word: passion. He’s been single a LONG time and as far as I can tell, not looking, and this friend means a lot to me because he knew me when, he knew me THEN. I think we’re all waiting for this even if the transit has been a good one and it has been a good one for me. Still I wonder what life will feel like once my energy is aided by Saturn rather than hindered.
Things change for the better once you take responsibility for your life and stop blaming others. Scorpio is a fixed sign and Pluto rules power struggle and abuse of power (realize this, rather than deny it, and your life will improve) and I was thinking if only.
If only you (i.e  ALL OF US)  would stop worrying about other people and just get on with your life and your life purpose. Now, if you are a Scorpio Sun or Moon and you don’t recognize yourself in this post, perhaps you are a seriously evolved being. I was working with people by email today: new readings and readings in progress and it felt good. And yes I do enjoy reflecting on this path because it is natural to me and also mysterious. I was looking out the window, hearing the choir of birds and watching the leaves on the trees, and thinking: Saturn in Libra taught me relationships. Saturn in Scorpio will create relationships that will be impossible to pull apart, for better or worse. This post was inspired by a client I was recently working with but maybe it will help you too. In general, where you have your South Node, you will find qualities, traits, that you need to master and do well but also… leave behind. For example, I was reading about Scorpio South Node this morning and the author mentioned FORGIVENESS as a trait that Scorpio South Node needs to work on and it was a huge aha moment for me and brought back the entire conversation I had with this client. I am thinking of someone RIGHT NOW from my past, childhood, who I will never forgive (not that I go around cursing their name daily) and I find myself wanting to write: and I don’t think it matters! When a mutual friend called me up last year and told me that this unforgivable person had had a stroke, I was inspired to tell the mutual friend the long-held secret of forgiveness and my lack of it. Forgiveness can move you forward IF you are in or want a relationship with whoever hurt you. Jupiter in Gemini (as I was telling another client today) will ask the questions and give the options.
But instead what’s happened, I realize, as the Moon approaches Fullness, is that I AM THE ONE with the News. I have Virgo Rising which means I have Pisces on my 7th House cusp and yup, you guessed it, transiting Chiron and Neptune are hanging out there too. And then I began to apply this thinking to other areas of my life: about why sometimes I feel like I have no choice. As I write, the Moon is in Libra conjunct Saturn (retrograde) with Mercury opposing in Aries.
Venus in Gemini is a good-time-girl but I keep running into people with this transit in the 8th House. Eclipse Preview: something to think about Sunday, May 20th: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini at ZERO!

Neptune rules my North Node and the South Node, let me tell you, the South Node is a pull on you like a box of baby kittens mewing. I have three kittens who became cats and I’m not complaining but the South Node is a point that is hard to do well and yet we must do our South Node well while leaving it to join forces with the North! This morning I put a note at the end of my blog post that I was going on Partial Vacation next week which means I am not going to do any Email Astrology Readings however I am happy to schedule for the week after. And these two in opposition are showing up somewhere in your chart and oppositions have a tug-of-war energy to them, a balancing that is needed.
So there’s this harshy energy that culminates just a couple hours before the Full Moon.
You can still contact me though for the Week of the 14th and beyond for my usual Email Readings. I felt the lessons of current transits were brought home to me last night — Sun trine Pluto, the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio, Pluto Retrograde. I’ve been working with peeps under both Saturn and Pluto transits this year and I am thinking of a lady who commented yesterday about not really feeling all the wonderfulness and sugarpop (my words) of transiting Pluto trine  her Sun. The moral of all this story is my 1st point: the day will come, and God willing let it be soon, when you feel strong enough to make calm clear authentic choices, not from crisis but from WHAT YOU WANT. Today someone told me that they liked my blog because it made them think about their own life, their own story, but in a different way. Moon in Cancer is easily hurt so if you felt a little touchy today, that could have been why. Another Moon Saturn story: I remember shortly before Yom Kippur asking my mother for forgiveness, which is the tradition. Venus is at 29 Capricorn, squaring this Libra twosome which may be making you feel unloved, unloveable, cold, hard, strict. But on the OTHER hand, Saturn the Tester, the Taskmaster, God of Karma rules my 5th House of pleasure and fun and LUV. And all this is what I felt and thought upon waking this morning, wondering if my relationship was truly over-OVER and if so? And I will suffer as always, as Cancer does, sensitively, swimming in the sweet emotional depths, moody but that doesn’t take away from my ME, my Aliza.
This topic is on my mind this morning because I slept well but woke up anxious: bad dreams.
20 May 20157 Reasons to Learn AstrologyAstrology is one of the most recognised methods of divination around today.
While many people will associate astrology with the predictions they see in the daily newspapers, horoscopes are the very simplest form of astrology. Knowing your birth chart and that of someone else can help you explore relationships with friends, family members, partners or co-workers.
One of the biggest benefits of studying astrology is the opportunity to gain knowledge of a subject that has great historical significance. For more information on astrology, read our guide to the 12 signs of the zodiac to find out how your star sign has influenced your life. We were chatting about various synastry things, sharing opinions, and I was complaining about someone close to me, his Saturn square my Moon and how shitty that felt.
But that’s not the purpose of this post, you frisky little kittens I want to know about YOU. From the 7th House of marriage, commitment to the 8th House of the marriage bed: intimacy, sexuality.
Some openings for new people if I think you’re a good fit We are going month by month.
Direct, retrograde, direct again and I wonder how life will change once he’s moved on and out of Libra. I’m not saying all Scorpio Suns and Moons partake in what they consider payback and for whatever reason, but it is a commonly written about lower-vibrational Scorpio energy.
The only thing it does is make you unhappy AND boomerang back to you, messing with your karma, setting you back yet ANOTHER lifetime. So gratifying to work with people over time, even though I don’t have all the answers. Now you may say that Desire is more of a Scorpio keyword but many Libra peeps have Scorpio planets and even if they don’t? An effigy, a grand bonfire of a photograph of this person (I have none) and blow it up real big, frame it, then set it on fire and watch it burn. And they argue about whether a man and woman can be friends without sex getting in the way. Also, some Astrology by phone or in person, especially if you are in the midst of transit craziness and need some explication. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, gathering the news of the day, putting it in order or leaving it in a heap on your desk or on your bed like the clothes that will not fold themselves.
It doesn’t aspect mine by degree but an interesting thing that I discovered yesterday in my own chart is that my Progressed MC is conjunct my Sun in Cancer. But then I came up with this caveat, if you REALLY want an Email Astrology Reading next week, the week of May 7th, I’ll do it, but for double.
I type a bit about Moon square Saturn or the Yod between Saturn, Venus, and the Moon, and then I delete it. I have always been an autobiographical writer – when I was a poet, when I was a playwright, and now. I used to feel that it was ONLY what planets did to our own charts that mattered but now I realize that the sky energy itself is a REAL THING. Was feeling kind of low and then Hnybr in the comments also mentioned feeling low and wondering what was up with the sky!

Who wants Saturn’s hard-driving work-ethic, delays, and denials all over their feelings, their home, their Mom! And this is my truth, says the Sun in Sagittarius trine Uranus: this love made me better and stronger even if.
Rained while I was sleeping and then when I woke up to feed the cats… that was when I noticed it.
Saturn squaring your 11th means that dreams will die and the fish were belly up this morning because of the rain.
This complex ancient science dates back thousands of years and is actually one of the most intricate methods of divination there is. If you’re not yet familiar with astrology or not entirely convinced of it’s benefits, read on for our top 7 reasons to learn astrology. Understanding astrology allows you to gain a deeper insight into your natural strengths, characteristics and personality traits. It’s often all too easy to become insensitive or oblivious to the thoughts or actions of those around us.
This can help improve communication by helping you to recognise why a relationship works, and accept the reasons why it might not. You can use your birth chart to help you figure out what it is you really need from a partner and the type of person you should be looking for.
Use astrology when career-planning to help you identify your strengths in the workplace and what type of field you would be most suited to. Having difficulty deciding when to start a family, go travelling, or embark upon a new project?
Astrology has been practised for centuries, dating back to at least the 2nd millennium BCE and still endures. For an incredibly detailed and insightful Astrological Email Reading, all you have to do is provide us with your birthplace, date and time. You may not have every single ideal you crave but you’ll be on your way which is better than sitting and stewing. And what’s more is that my Virgo South Node is conjunct my Ascendent and my Moon is in Virgo conjunct Pluto.
I have a feeling that this Mercury Saturn opposition will tell you exactly what needs to be jettisoned.
If you don’t live your life with spine, with WILL, then others will break yours over their knee.
That with the 8 of Swords, sometimes you have to remain in place, with the pins still in you because that’s where you are. My Moon that will explain it all or set it in motion or bring me what I want or keep me from destroying it?
Told her I wanted us to say it to each other every time we got off the phone or when we said goodnight.
Although our individual charts do trump the sky energy (in my humble opinion) so I always want you to return to your chart although when I choose dates for people (as I was doing for someone recently) I look at both. The next Moon, the Scorpio Moon will please some and annoy others, but at least won’t be holding hand with Saturn the Tester! I love this interplay of light and dark and that it will be in my 5th House which is *supposed* to be Leo-bright and courageous but in my chart also holds fear and doubt. I’m old enough to see the value of thinking positive and believing positive (Jupiter) and Mars in Virgo trines that Capricorn and I will work for my happiness and I will build it. Saturn is funny though (haha) he doesn’t just remove things, people, from our lives or make us feel afraid and oppressed, he also gives us a lot to do and not enough time to do it in.
You can then begin to understand why you react or behave in certain ways and value the qualities that make you uniquely ‘you’.
Through learning astrology you can approach many literary, artistic and historical texts with a new perspective.
Psychic Light is on hand with a team of three internationally renowned astrologers, ready to provide you with guidance and insight into your future. Saturn gets support from both Venus and Mars – whatever you thought was so hard, so harsh? I used to love to write poems in sections and all of a sudden I’ve started to write my blog posts in sections. The sextile part is harmonious of course, pleasant, and the inconjunct part is the itch, the adjustment. I do a combination, using Astrology and Tarot and everything I’ve learned up to this point. Because it will feel swampy murky THICK at times and we’ll need that Saturn structure and limitation to curb our imaginations.
Our Suns are conjunct but our charts have some killer synastry and I don’t mean that in a good way. If you  have the time today, look up Wallace Stevens’ famous blackbird poem for an example of a poem in sections. With Saturn there you have the chance to learn what is limiting you, finally understand it and see it clearly — or you can just smash into walls and break bones, take it out on your body. Maybe not in the moment, but yes in the moment and I have had sex when I didn’t really want to.

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