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The tragic piece of this heavy and old script are the real perps who take advantage of it on a broad, social scale. In the comments of the Jenner post, I was asked about Pluto in Capricorn and if it has any answers for this rampant case of having our sex organs turned inside out while the world itself goes upside down in a psychic pole shift.
Tolerance is a synthetic commodity distributed by the masses as a form of permission mixed with a heaping spoonful of denial. Back in the Victorian era, women wore high collared, long dresses, exemplifying modesty in the age of manners, but beneath the cloistered attire were the raging fires of passion.
I have been fascinated by the Triple Crown and the NBA finals, which are related in of course, an esoteric fashion. The NBA finals is about to crown LeBron James again, giving him three NBA titles, and thus achieving his own Triple Crown of sorts.
Curry is a Christian, born into the faith through his father Dell, a former NBA player himself.
While Curry’s backstory is full on family fare with God at the center, James’ early life is much more obscure and in many ways, even occult.
After game one, I spotted this “fan” doing something very strange in Curry’s general direction. Curry has been plagued by not only some supernatural hex, but also by a guy named “Matthew Dellavedova.” Dellavedova is a Virgo and he is Curry’s opposite (Virgo 15 vs Pisces 24). Blatt has dual citizenship with Israel, which makes sense for a Gemini, but he’s also a virulent Zionist who cheered while Gaza was blown back to the Middle Ages last year.

After the smoke cleared and the tears fell, the radical group Jihadi claimed responsibility for his death. Most radical groups are fronts doing the bidding of countries and agencies that are engaged in proxy wars. Given that scenario, it would not be too far fetched to make a case that Malcolm Kerr was killed by part of the same faction that David Blatt creams over. In another, very strange twist to this series, Synchro-mystically, LeBron and Steph Curry were born in the same Akron hospital, four-years-apart.
In the days of the ancient Maya, a ball game not too unlike our own basketball was played by two teams of two to four men each, warriors chosen not just for their skill, but their willingness to be sacrificed AS VICTORS! In our culture, the sacrifices to appease the leering gods of this world come in many shapes and forms, like a former Olympian, one who had performed at the highest level of sport, in the Greek games named after those gods, sacrificing his own living flesh. Meanwhile, as the sacred hoops shift back to the Golden State, Curry has to somehow shake the curse, while King James summons the pyramidal forces of ancient overlords who have shaped his destiny from his very first breath and the forces of Zion exert their influence and will at every turn, with every possession.
Perhaps, we are seeing our very own salvation being played out in front of us, a child’s game played by men, with stakes so high, that we may not be able to comprehend the outcome of the final score.
A note of appreciation to everyone who has been a part of my world and supported this site in 2015.
The 20th Century, even with its bloody banker wars has been mostly a respite from the constant pulverizing of people and their lands. Just try to bring about a different perspective, one outside of the socially tolerated standard and see how tolerant the keepers of the new compassion are.

I can’t look at the dichotomy of steph and lebron without thinking about the infighting that has existed between African Americans of different complexions, in conjunction with Pharrell Williams declaration of The New Black a little while back in his Oprah interview. Wrestling, if you can call it a sport, has a wrestler John Cena who uses this sign before every match it seems. Titles of current pop culture phenomenons like Fifty shades of Grey and Orange is the New Black are starting to come off as hidden-in-plain-sight NLP. The NBA finals occurring at the same time as this Rachel Dolezal scandal sets off an alarm for me. The cognitive dissonance created in the minds of the people seems to be at an all time high.
Someone once told me that Helen Keller in her later years created sign language and used occult hand signals as the basis of the language. Dolezal’s situation looks like a litmus test to see how effective getting people to accept transhumanism has been. When gender and race are taught to be social constructs, humanity as a social construct may not be far behind.

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