Astrology report for november 2012

Based on the system developed by Greek mathematician Pythagoras, this 25 page report examines your personality and life influences from a numerology perspective using your full name and date of birth to create an illuminating picture of your personality and motivations. The report can also guide you in identifying existing opportunities and opening the way to new and even more favorable possibilities.
An In-depth (30+ pages) astrology compatibility report calculated using synastry between the planets & signs to guide you on the dynamics of your relationship. Every person has a different personality and with astrology report we understand the basic tendencies of the person. The most difficult questions of the relationship, we don't take any decision for you, but we help you understand your relationship better. FREE Bonus ReportFor a limited time, we're giving a One year Relationship Forecast Report worth $19.99, absolutely free! I loved the reports, the only thing that helped me understand my relationships in my bad times was the report.
Being in a relationship is a lot more fun when you know how to handle the quarrels :P Your report made me do that easily.
I have been studying sun signs in astrology and it always duped me coz once you know the person closely, you see many shades of his nature. I found the readings very accurate and they were very scientific in nature, better than the psychic reading I took, which were based on hunches and intuition.
In order to get your Birth Chart you need to know your date, hour and place of birth and take into account the fact that the hour given must be very precise for the calculation of the ascendant, if possible with a margin of five minutes. If you don't really remember your hour of birth, you can find this information on your official family record book or on your birth certificate. The calculations of the birth charts are made by a very precise professional software that will guarantee the accuracy of the calculation of the ascendant.
The interpretations of your birth chart (that you can read under your chart wheel) are the product of the calculations of the astronomical positions (whose results are on sky chart). Since the ascendant can change sign in less than 4 minutes, it's important to know that those interpretations are very precise and meaningful only if your birth data are accurate and precisely typed.
If for whatever reason it's impossible for you to figure out what time you were born, you should know that an astrologer with experience can find it with a special technique called "time rectification". This method is tedious but will help you find your hour of birth according to the dates of major events in your life. You can increase your knowledge about your birth chart with a detailed and complete astrological report.

To find out about your current planetary cycles, the personalized forecasts will give you the updates about your birth chart with details about the domains that are activated during the planetary transits.
To discover the multiple aspects of your relationship, the synastry report will give you a detailed list of interactions between birth charts and bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. Remember that a consultation with an experienced astrologer will give you an astrological synthesis that no computer can do ! Once each year, the Sun returns to the exact position that it held at the time of your birth. This 50 page report outlines the astrological influences on the year ahead for the positions of the planets at the precise time of your annual solar return.
It’s up to you, though, to use the information here, along with your free will, to determine the road on which you want to journey and the distance you wish to travel.
The above stats are only for marriages, I bet the number of people going through relationship breakups is even higher. When two people meet they share a particular chemistry or rapport based on their individual behavior. But they are never same for all relationships, neither same for the single person in all his relationships.
There is certain combination of conjunctions in the birth chart which helps us interpret whether you have a soul mate relationship. We help you achieve the joy which is in your current relation itself just by understanding the differences, but we don't shy away from showing the incompatibility on the parts where it exists.
It's only the difference of understanding and acceptance which leads to relationship struggles. It helps you understand the flow of your relationship, your attitudes and your life in general. Our differences though we knew earlier, most of them became pretty clear and made our bond stronger by working at it.
If your birthday is June 1st, for example, and you order the report in September 2010, you will receive a forecast for the year that begins on 1st of June, 2010, unless otherwise specified. With the astrology compatibility report, we help you understand the nature of your relationship .. The only thing that blocks love is the lack of understanding of your other half's point of view.
Being in arrange marriage it was very crucial for me to understand my partner and the report helped me a LOT!

Its the best astrology compatibility report, We guarantee you'll gain amazing insights from it!
Thanks to your report I understood how each sign has its effect on different part of an individuals nature.
It was something which I already had as my inner voice, the report just made it clear for me! This report can be purchased as a PDF file that has been fully formatted ready for printing or as a ribbon bound document for a small additional cost. A person may cheat and that can be termed as a reason of breakup or divorce, but in reality the reason was the factors that lead to cheating!
Let me give you an example, if a person is intense and passionate in relationship, the person tends to be more possessive. It was damn accurate, it was like reading a diary written by one of our most closest friends. The action could be too many fights, but the the reason could be different temperaments, unresolved emotions, unsatisfied desires, self esteem problems etc.. If such a person meets someone who has a more casual approach to relationship and wants a light romance, the struggle can start if they get in relationship.
The best thing I learned was understanding the thought process through which my partner made decisions, loved it! Delivery times and shipping costs for printed reports vary depending on your location, however the PDF reports are usually delivered within 24 hours. We can help you understand a person and the entire type of relationship you'll share on a deeper level without any judgment. Once they both understand what the other wants, they can make an informed decision to stay or leave, but not label the other person bad only because the person is different from you! Usually most people believe in love and are not bad at all, they fall into relationship with genuine hopes to make it long term. The pain of heartbreak is too high and it's sad to see so many people have to go through it!

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