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Astrology Report Combo Packages give you 20% OFF the regular price if you purchased them separately.
Your order will usually be delivered to your Inbox within 24-48 hours of placing your order. A report makes a unique gift that's easy on your budget, as well as being personal, fun, and fast to shop for. To select a report, click the checkbox.Selected reports will be subtotaled at the bottom of this page. Steven Forrest is a master story-teller, and his writing style is always relaxed, friendly, entertaining and easy to understand. If you've already entered your Current Location for another report, you can just write "same" here.
To select this report, click the checkbox.All selected reports will be subtotaled at the bottom of this page. Do you need some astrological guidance, but you're not ready for a full reading at the moment? Your reading will be more relevant and meaningful if you can provide a clear question and accurate birth data. Disclaimer: My answers are offered only in the spirit of astrological education and entertainment.
Steven knows how to illuminate the depths of your soul and introduce you to your true nature that is both honest and reassuring.
This report is saturated with spicy "adult content" to tantalize your imagination!
It covers the elements and modalities, planet sign, house and aspects, and the planetary rules of each house. This is one of the few reports that includes interpretations of Chiron, the Lunar Nodes and very detailed planetary aspects. Do you ever wish there was a report written from a female perspective, intended primarily for women?
Written by Solar Return expert Mary Shea, this report reveals the themes, patterns, potentials and trends for the coming year.
Shea's interpretations are unusually in-depth and excellent to expand your self-awareness of each planetary energy.
If you've already entered this Location for another Forecast report, you can just write "same" here. This specialized report provides detailed transits to your Natal chart, along with a time range when each transit is in effect. Discover the dynamics, potentials, strengths, challenges and energy flow of your romantic relationship!
For best results, both people should have accurate birth times, although you can still order this report even if you don't know the birth time. If you've already entered their data for another report, you can just write their name here.
This package bundles several key reports to give you optimal information from several perspectives. As a student of life (and self), you recognize the power of having comprehensive information to expand your perspective, afford new possibilities and transform your experience into deliberate form for maximum results. Normally, you would pay $138 for all four of these reports – but by ordering them through this package, you pay only $97 for all four reports! The only thing you need to consider now is how much longer you’re willing to loop in old patterns, which can potentially delay your success? How much more evidence do you need to know that it’s time to elevate your thinking and accelerate your success? Order your Cosmic Insights Bundle now – then get ready to apply what you learn to reach your potential, help more people and change the world! April 1, 2016 by Gerry English 8 Comments Do leos have all the personality traits of each zodiac sign since it is ruled by the Sun? I know that the Sun enters into all of the twelve zodiac signs, which give them their characteristics on certain dates. Answer by SaggiMCFirst you need to understand that you are NOT the sum total of your sun sign!

You have to accept we are ALL multifaceted human beings and what astrology does is break things down, compartmentalises things into smaller chunks for you to digest.
There are 10planets in a natal chart and they can be in any one of 12 houses…so that’s 144 combinations for each planet. Planets are modified by signs, where they express are houses and how they express are *aspects.* the aspects are simply mathematical matters, which one planet makes to another. Reason of breakup: He was depressed and our relationship was collapsing, and I was getting bored. I have had 2 Sagittarius ex-boyfriends and 1 Pisces ex, and we all broke up for different reasons. This is eBook enables everyone to use the power of cycles pertaining to the planets for personal financial gain. Cycles of the Planets have influenced the cycles of our social climate and financial trends.
All the information gleaned from analyzing wealth through the planetary cycles, billionairea€™s charts, the stock market, and lottery winners relates to YOU and how YOU can use astrology to create your best timing to achieve wealth and prosperity. Joni is a contemporary Vedic astrologer who also looks to the outer planets for predictive guidance. Kala is a great Vedic Astrology Software if you are a studying or practicing astrologer looking for an intuitive, easy to use software that is extremely powerful with all basic calculations as well as the most advanced Vedic Astrologic calculations. Reproduction of any content appearing on this site, without the express written consent of Joni Patry, is strictly prohibited by copyright law.
Each one offers something unique, to help you choose the right report for what you're looking for. If you find that astrology reports often have too much "Astrologese" then this report is perfect for you! This report guides you through your natal chart, with the planets, signs, houses and aspects offering inspiration, insight and encouragement.
For the slower planet transits (Jupiter through Pluto), this report provides both positive and negative potentials, as well as remedies and suggestions. Its influence is felt throughout the coming year, and up to 3 months before and after that year.
Give yourself the gift of comprehensive, personalized information using two different ancient systems. However, I was wondering if the zodiac sign Leo possess all of the personality traits of all signs since it’s ruling planet is the Sun.
What they do is put each sun sign conjunct the Ascendant and read where the 10 planets fall in any one of the 12 houses.
Next, mercury can only be upto one sign away from your sun sign and venus can only be upto two signs away. Interestingly enough, we have a sun-moon opposition, an aspect that is binding but problematic. What is the teen, school horoscope for Virgos?What is the teen, school horoscope for Virgos? It emded because I gpt bored of him and the fact that we had very little in common and our lifestyles were so different.
He turned into a total a-hole, turned everything around on me and was verbally abusive and a pathological liar. In a search to alleviate the massive problems humanity has concerning financial lack Joni focused on the issues of money and astrology. In this instructional book she explains how to use all the astrological information for the most accurate predictions. The encyclopedic compilation is comprised of four parts, eight chapters, and Joni's remarkably fluid, easy-going style makes the read go quite quickly. As I see it, you use your light to help illuminate the light within others and you meet them where they are to do so, even when their bulbs are dim! Moon sign, house placements and aspects describe your emotional and intuitive responses, also describes your view of your mother, as saturn describes your father by sign and house position. Through self analysis she found the many deep rooted emotional issues we use to imprison ourselves. With knowledge of the future trends you can make your plans accordingly with the advantage of this powerful edge.

Her extensive use of sensational public personages, like Christina Onassis and Lance Armstrong, quickly draw the reader in to begin applying the foundation predictive principles she teaches in the book.
But all of us can shine bright, we just get covered with the dust of life and we need our catalyst (aka g-word) {def: guru} to help us sweep it off.
Just remember planets are modified by signs, where they express are houses and how they express are *aspects* Planets to not act alone as if stranded on a desolate island, they interact and express as modified energies. You can use astrology to understand these cycles and use them for YOUR best timing to achieve your goals. I thought that settling with someone after 3 years was what you did, but nope, and I’m GLAD that we broke it off when we did.
If you aren’t quite sure yet if working with a soul-driven business consultant is for you, may I recommend joining Lynn, and other business men and women, in her virtual intense programs? What would my chart be if I was born 11 January 1994?What would my chart be if I was born 11 January 1994? Bring your running shoes, because that one hour every week is packed full of good information, good inspiration and good action items to spend implementing each new Monday morning! Meaning my rising or whatever its called since I kinda just recently began to get into astrological signs.
But by understanding that money is energy we can shift our mindset from poverty to prosperity.
Do does anybody else think that reading your horoscope in the morning affects your day?Do does anybody else think that reading your horoscope in the morning affects your day?
What happens to the Wicken religion when they do tarot readings to someone who has the zodiac of Ophiuchus?What happens to the Wicken religion when they do tarot readings to someone who has the zodiac of Ophiuchus? Is it possible to have your birth chart explained for free?Is it possible to have your birth chart explained for free?
And the best thing is that after being in different businesses for over 6 years, this is the ONE that feels right and has the most momentum. With Lynn’s help, I’ve let go of some ideas, developed others and finally put a sensible strategy together to maximize not only my bottom-line profits, but my excitement for the projects I’m working on.
In other words, if you’re looking to do something really, really, really fast – that’s what she helps you do. If you have an idea and you want to implement it, by inserting a catalyst into that, it makes what normally would happen in maybe a year or two years or three years suddenly happen in two, three, four days, maybe a week, cutting things down an enormous time. That’s originally where I got tied into you, Lynn, was the way that you taught me how to get a lot done in a very short period of time. She is extremely generous and abundant during her presentations, giving me information I AM using immediately for my healing offerings. I highly recommend Lynn for expanding your business with integrity and speed!Michael Zarchian Austin, TXYour speaker’s workshop this weekend was transformative for me! I loved getting to know everyone not only through chatting but also getting to understand them through their talks. You worked your heart out on this before, during, and after to make it everything that it was and then some!!!
Be prepared to be stretched in all directions and, when finished, realize you are dizzy but on the right path. My fear level was so great that I experienced a 7 hour amnesia attack and ended up in the emergency room. The day of our class I could feel my fear rising & I told Lynn about it and she explained that the audience wasn't here to see me.
Lynn said I reminded her of Paula Deen and to just give my presentation like I was Paula Deen. I was amazed how easy it was and I wasn't nervous - after all, I was Paula Deen and she is comfortable in front of a crowd. Your class worked wonders for me.Barbara TaylorLynn Scheurell is one of the brilliant lights of this world. I would recommend her to anyone with a budding business, who wants to shift their consciousness into the new paradigm.M.

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