Astrology stars in urdu 2016

An astrological chart is a map of the sky, as seen from a particular location, at a particular time on Earth - and as such represents potential energies present at that moment in time. Crytsals are unique pieces, they sparkle and twinkle like the stars, each with its own marvellous landscape and figures within, like a little world that seems frozen in time. For many years I have studied astrology, interpreting natal charts, transits, progressions. When friends came around to visit, I began to notice that certain people were more attracted to certain stones but not others. Personally I like to recreate my birth chart on a circular mat and sit in the centre of it.

It is much easier to have a circle marked out so that you can put the crystals around its circumference.
The first thing is to orientate, to mark the 4 directions of the compass (north, east, south and west) on the circle with the 4 quartz points. Then place the zodiac stones around the circumference of the circle each in its appropriate constellation or zodiac sign. Put the stones for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the relevant signs as they are found on the birth chart. With the help of the stones try to picture the circle of the stars - the zodiac all around you.

Within the zodiac lies our solar system - the sun, the moon and the planets - all emanating energy. I would sit and put 4 quartz crystal points around me, in the north, east, south and west all pointing inwards towards me.

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