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Though I was out of town and missed the fabulous food and, more importantly, a really fun gathering of our and our mother's friends, before I left I helped my sister, Sarah, set up the Golden Books baby shower. I personally love remembering who gave me the books in my children's library so I thought it would be nice to provide book plates for guests to fill out and provide with their gifts. This yellow and white candy striped ribbon and polka dot ribbon (purchased at Michael's) was such an easy and great way to pull the color theme throughout the rooms.
One of the things I enjoyed the most about staging this party was that Sarah and I pulled out any children's books, vintage (and vintage-looking) toys, and serving pieces we had that fit the theme and then started to put together little vignettes.
I used paper with my Golden Books motif to line this white tray--such an easy way to perpetuate the theme. Cupcakes were planned for dessert so I made cupcake toppers using the scalloped vintage book squares and scalloped cupcake wrappers with the Golden Books motif.
Finally, I took paper with the Golden Books motif and wrapped the drink cooler, finishing it off with another scalloped vintage book square. I have been searching the Internet all night for ideas for a Golden Books themed party for my son's first birthday and am so grateful to have just come across your blog!

I was so sorry to miss it, and to not be able to help with food and hosting, so I instead worked on the concept and design. We used the ribbons to wrap presents and decorate my sister's apothecary glass jars, which she filled with vintage candy, also in the party colors. So nice to get another use out of those!  The only things purchased for this party were the ribbon and the food.
I punched out pictures of vintage books floating on a scalloped square background and taped them in the middle of the bows. Those are gumballs anchoring the paper flower bouquet (another reuse from the Fiesta party).
My mom remembers your mom's beautiful tablescapes and enjoyed many gatherings at their home, now yours. As often happens when an idea gets in my head, I ended up spending a lot more time on this than I intended! About forty-five minutes after Sarah called saying she wanted to do a book shower with the colors blue and white, I thought of taking inspiration from Golden Books and doing a shower in blue, white and gold.

The setup was just begging for something larger scale hanging on the wall and we couldn't come up with the right thing in our possession (turns out Audrey loves it and now has it in her room). Everything looks smashing and so well thought of!This may be the King (or Queen) of baby showers!I admire your creativity and imagination Anneliese!! I just love the feel-good era represented by Golden Books, and other vintage children's books. It suggests that all is right with the world and we are ready to welcome another little person.

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