Baby names with numerology number 16

Numerology for Baby Names ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. OhBabyNames was built on the premise that there really isn't one super detailed baby naming website on the Internet today. Parents shouldn't have to sift through 40,000 options when considering what to name their baby. Often, however, parents look for a variation of the older family name, perhaps to give the baby a unique identity or possibly because grandpa‚Äôs name is a little out-of-date.

Parents can now add a touch of magic to their search for the perfect, most meaningful name with this unique guide. Numerology asserts that all words, including our own names, have numeric equivalents which reveal fascinating information about who we are--and where we're headed. The leaves, as if they had character and purpose, scamper down the streets, chase one another through the sky, or spin like red dervishes. More than a word history book, this volume adds the wonder of discovery to the exciting process of selecting a name.From the Paperback edition.

We feel inspired by baby girl names that evoke witches and spells, fairies and elves, and the spirits of the deep dark sea.

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