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Note that the cards in the spread, while taking the appearance of a four-square diamond, develop that shape as a spiral evolution from the original card, with each card passing-on the energy of the previous card, communicating with it and then transforming it into another dimension of the process.
A three card reading in the Tarot would be utilized when we want a quick view at our energy or our client's energy.
This three card reading is great to get an aerial view of your client's energy in terms of time.
However, you can specify prior to your reading if you'd like to reach farther out in time. This past, present future spread is great for fundraisers and events because it gives a general overview of your ability to your patrons, while still allowing you to read many people (without overtaxing yourself) in short bursts. The "Thought" Tarot card will represent a train of thought, or thought-intent on which to focus. The "Intent" position indicates what you may expect by working with your thoughts and emotions (as revealed in the supporting cards). The crossing card indicates what kind of joys, fun, people, surprises, conflicts, or events you will encounter on this day. If your goal is to handle interferences in your life better, set that intention as you pull that outcome card.
I like this three card reading because it offers me ample opportunity to work on the inner self.

This simple Tarot spread clarifies those aspects of our personality and points us in a direction for guidance.
The "Guidance" card is key, as it will show you how to balance your personality traits to reach a level of equanimity.
The next card © drawn represents you as the Creator of the project, and is placed over the first card, face up. This represents the Creator of the project, who may be yourself or another person or entity. At the same time, the creator at the center (Card C) is equally in touch with every stage of the process. It will lead the way to help us balance the scales between the light and dark qualities of our personalities. Then four more cards are drawn in sequence to represent four aspects of the process from ideation to manifestation. Being associated with the sense of sight, imagine this card seeing the fiery energy of Card 2, then bringing it into the mind.
It is the outward or natural effect of the inward or spiritual cause that initially motivated it in Card 1. In Chart 9-3, each of the cards are depicted with their symbolic Window Keywords (from Chart 2-2).

Here it looks intently at this energy (that is, what it represents) from top to bottom, and thinks about how it relates to the structure as a whole. Being associated with the senses of speech and touch, this position touches the airy structure of the previous card and gives it voice to make it palpable. Associated with the Spectre, or masculine aspect, this card suggests the linear dimensions of the project: its height and depth. Associated with the Shadow, this card may also indicate something unreal in the outcome, a projection of desire rather than an expression of the spiritual motive. Choose this card in the same way, and place it face up, to the left of the center cards (east), which represents the emotions. This card tells you about the feelings stimulated by or surrounding the ideation of the project.
Being associated with the sense of smell, imagine this card receiving the earthy scent of the idea from Card 1, then bringing it to the center.

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