Best eyebrow kit for blondes uk

You need them!A  MAC Senior Artist Cher Webb told me over lunch recently that she would take brows over mascara and lipstick on a desert island anytime! How do we get great looking brows?Cher: My brow secret is to use a combination of powder and pencil to create the desired effect. Brows will look authentic when you spend time creating real looking hairs in and around the brow area. Try MA·AA·C Eyebrow Pencils – Lingering is a great all round shade that suits light ashy blondes right through to brunette. For a deeper brown black tone try Stud Eyebrow Pencil – a signature product in my kit.

The big brow pencils are my new favourite, I use the Fling shade on my small brows every day and it works a treat!
The perfect setting gel for eyebrows, keeping every single hair in check!The Brows Are It Collection is vast, and has every product in a multitude of shades for blondes, brunettes, and redheads of more than just one shade.

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