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Well shaped eyebrows can enhance your visual appearance other than making some individual features magnificent. Before you go to shape your brows, you need to know the basic brow shapes available for different face shape. Even if you want to go for professional eyebrow shaping, you still need to know how to shape eyebrows to avoid gross mistakes being done on eyebrows. Before you begin shaping your them, you need to ensure you have trimmed them. Eye brow trimming is very important since it will ensure you can easily shape them.
Simple eyebrow shaping tips that will make the world of difference in putting your best face forward.
You need a plan of action on deciding where they're going to start, end, and where to place the peak of the arch.
A big mistake people make is taking out more hair when trimming the excess length really is what needs to go. If you over tweezed, have sparse brows, or are growing them out to a fuller shape, filling them in will give you the look you want.
With some distance from the mirror you will be able to better see to balance your brows and see the 'whole picture', and have less chance of making them uneven. Please keep in mind that arching your brow doesn't mean two perfect half circles or arches, which doesn't complement anyone's facial features.
Hold skin taut by gently holding skin firm with your free hand while tweezing, means less tugging and pain on the skin. Although its true that we trust our beauty parlour, wouldn’t it be magical if we could thread our own eyebrows ? In Arab countries, Eyebrow threading is commonly known as Bande Abru, which translates to ‘eyebrow band.’ Other Arabic words used to describe this procedure include Fatlah or Khite. Many celebrities use eyebrow threading over other hair removal methods for the brows because this procedure leaves straight and tidy lines. Hold your hands, palms facing each other at shoulder wide, this is the length of thread you will need.
In parlours, the beautician shapes your eyebrows one by one, but when you are threading your own eyebrows its best to do both eyebrows together, area wise. Threading is the best form of hair removal for face, since shaving hurts the skin, and waxing makes the face skin loose.
Do use ice or soothing creams or astringent once you are done, it might burn, but that just shows its working.

Ah, I’ve never tried this at home, but you’ve explained it so well here, that I have to do that now!
I used to have a room partner who used to do her threading and upper lips herself.I want to learn to do my upper lips atleast, too scared to do my eyebrows on my own. Still on eyebrow topic, i have very thin sparse eyebrow and almost invisible eyelashes ?? cause they are a very light brown, anyways…any tip for helping or home medicine for the eyebrow hair goes fuller?? Alexandra – I tried my best best to explain it, do try it and let us know how it was!
This is a very common problem, righties won’t be able to do their left eyebrows properly (and vice versa) unless they are reeeeeally good at threading.
Little worried about shaping the eyebrows by myself as once i spoiled the shape and was horrible.
Most people choose black dye so that it looks like you have mascara on, but without the clumps!
This article, on eyebrow shaping, will guide men and women on how they should shape their brows at home perfectly.
Although it is common in women, it is equally important for men, especially to those who have very bushy brows.
We cover how to design your brows, to the tools you need, and how to reduce the ouch factor in our top ten do's and don'ts.
You'll be frustrated, and end up taking twice as long if your tweezers slide off or break the hair instead of pulling them out- or can't grab onto short hairs.
For men this helps make the brows look more neat and groomed and for women it helps them achieve that perfectly defined look. After you have your shape in, you can then get close-up to better reach the finer, lighter hairs. You want to soften skin and hair by using a warm washcloth on brows, or do your shaping after your come out of the shower.
Scraping, bleeding or even scarring can result if you get a little too forceful with your tweezers. The brow is essentially better defined through use of this hair removal method, and it is easier to shape the brow with this method. Try the upper lip, chin and cheeks, and get better control of the thread, before your move on to the critical eyebrows. Threading can be painful for persons with sensitive skin, but trust me on this one, the result is well worth the redness and the pain.

Its all about how you shape it, so you might want to try to shape it a bit lower next time. I do my own upperlips and after finishing my upperlip, there is a small hurt on my thumb or the little finger…which is ok. This is ideal for people with light eyelashes, or people who have allergies to makeup and can’t wear mascara. Most women and men often pluck much hair as they shape their brows because they have long eyebrows. Some people even opt for using razor blade to shape them.  Each of this techniques has their own advantages and disadvantages. While I'm not suggesting going into the main shape, most experts agree cleaning up the stray hairs above the shape create a more defined, clean look and can help trouble brows look more even with one another. If you're really concerned about the 'ouch factor' use a numbing spray first applied to a cotton swab and then to skin. The hard part about learning to thread your own eyebrows is not threading, its SHAPING your eyebrows.
Getting cuts is a side effect of threading ?? No way to avoid them, but you can use a surgical tape, just put a small tape on your fingers where you are likely to cut them.
Dye your lashes before your vacation to avoid looking washed out…it really makes a huge difference!
However, tweezing is the most recommended method since it gives you a chance to pluck each eyebrow hair individually.
Cotton thread comes at around Rs.30 for 300m , which will last at least about a year if 1 or 2 persons are using.
Alternatively, you could learn more on how to trim eyebrows to get tips, secrets, ideas and much more for both women and men. Once you have decided on the technique, ensure you have the correct tools required depending on the technique you are using. Now choose one hand, say right hand, and touch move your 2 fingers such that the twisted area whisks the hair and pulls it out.
This will happen by touching your 2 fingers to each other, and then spreading it apart, and so on.

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