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Yesterday, while chatting with a client about her Natal Chart she asked, "How do I put all of this together? When you are learning how to use your Natal Chart, practice being one thing in your chart at a time. As I listened to this man pour his heart out, I could tell his lack of self-respect was dwindling by the minute as he continually put himself down. I asked him, "Why do you keep talking that way about yourself?" He climbed right over my question as if I had said nothing and continued to knock himself around even more. When he was in between breaths I said, "Hmmm, now that you mention it, I wouldn't be attracted to you either." Suddenly there was silence at the other end of the phone.
I stepped back into my Capricorn Moon and said, "I can only imagine the kind of girl that you will attract thinking like that. We had a Good chuckle at the lightning fast growth spurt he was now experiencing, then we went on to talk about the Universal Law of Reciprocity.
If you want to practice how the Universal Law of Reciprocity works, then smile at someone today and watch what you get back in return.
Folks, nothing will tie up your happiness, Love and abundance faster than doubt, fear and uncertainty. When my daughter Karmen was old enough to speak plainly, I would always instruct her to place her own order.
The bottom line is if you are allowing doubt, worry and fear into your brain, then you are not allowing God into your brain. Did you know that the search button in the top right banner column searches all the pages on this site using either Google or Yahoo? Did you know that if just rest your mouse on any picture without clicking it, a banner will pop up to tell you what you will find if you click on the picture? Did you know that there is a whole list of astrology topics listed under the Astrology Charts button in the left green column? I have had many questions from people wondering what I mean by "money that you earn in your own right." This means money that you earn yourself.
Now if I have written a Natal Chart for you, then I have included in your Natal Chart a section called "The Houses." It will tell you what sign rules each house cusp. If you have Cancer on your 2nd house cusp, then you will see in your Natal Chart that Cancer rules home and family. The majority of the time (probably 70 percent) that I have ever done a reading with someone who has Taurus on their second house cusp, they are coin collectors.
Folks, when you were born, that Natal Chart is your time stamp of what you should be doing with your Life. As many of you have found out during personal readings, I DO NOT reveal 'personal' information about other people during a reading. There are a few exceptions to this rule and that is for people who are married or living together and children who are not yet emancipated from their parent. During a reading, I will tell you the status of the relationship, what you can do to improve it, and what will be the likelihood of continuation (remember free will always has a role in astrology).
For example, let's say that I have a client who continually has their personal money drained by other people, I would make suggestions to that person on how to plug the drain. Another Example: Years ago while I was in a former relationship that was not a "union" as stated above, and during my first reading with my astrologer, he looked at me very seriously and told me never to let my boyfriend meet any of my girlfriends.

I raised my daughter to be a "self-corrector." A self-corrector is the best description that I can give of my Leo cubbie, Karmen.
Here on the planet, we have plenty of people placed in the position of authority or a position of teaching to correct us, discipline us and control us when we need to be checked. When I was still seeing patients in a clinical setting, I would ask my patients, "How did you get this way?" It doesn't matter if they walked in with bad knees, a sore back, a headache, overweight, a swollen elbow, a goiter, constipation, etc., I asked them all the same question. I was always very direct with my patients and told them that if they expected me to always be at the other end of the phone on their bad days or be willing to come in when the office was closed, that they had to take responsibility and help me, help them. The majority of the time - the aches, pains, illnesses, conditions, diseases and syndromes that we suffer from are self-inflicted.
Lots of people have an interest in astrology, but not many people can actually read a birth chart. I’m currently teaching an online astrology course and here is one of the charts I will be using, so you can play along at home. A birth chart is basically just a stylized drawing of where things were in the sky when a person was born. You may have noticed this looks a little different from the majority of charts you’ve seen online.
The Signs on the left side of the chart actually represents the Eastern horizon, where the Sun and Moon and everything else eventually rise.
As important as the Sign placement of the planets in a birth chart is, the aspects between them are arguably even more important. And hey: if you are lucky enough to be living in a place with a clear sky where you can see lots of stars at night, go find one of those places online that will generate a birth chart for you. CLICK HERE to join the Oh My Stars Facebook Fan Page, and get exclusive content, an additional discount on a reading, more material on blog entries, AND ANOTHER free e-book!
Matthew Currie is an astrologer, counselor and writer with over 20 years of experience and numerous appearances on television, radio and podcasts.
Saturn square Neptune has been that nagging transit lurking the shadows of your life since last November, and it's going to be a factor until nearly the end of this year, with the next peak hitting in June.
I wrote about Prince yesterday, and like many of you I was saddened and surprised by his death. As always i had a look at the ephemeris hoping something dramatic would jump at simple view of it, that I hadn’t noticed before.
Taking into consideration that it had all started with a car bomb, i logically thought Uranus-Pluto again, but it had all taken place at a Youth Camp, so Jupiter, had to be part of the equation, I thought. But that has been going on for a bit, so what could have detonated this terrible events, this particular week end? The actual conjunction of Mars-Lunar Node at 22? of Gemini, falls right on the Sun-Pluto conjunction of the Independence chart.
The Moon in Taurus in square to the Sun in Leo, on Friday, made a square to the Moon-Chiron Opposition in the chart. But when the Mars-South Node conjunction really begins to emerge as the major influence is when we have a look at Amy Winehouse’s birthchart and Anders Breivik’s chart, the perpetrator of such hideous killings. What immidiately jumps from the charts is the Neptune around the 22? of Sagittarius, hence being opposed by the Mars-lunar node conjunction and in both charts in aspect to the Moon. In Amy’s case, her wellknown self-hatred, expressed in her addictions and self-destruction, is evident if we bring our attention to her Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo as part of a T-square to the Moon-Neptune in Sag and Vesta in Gemini, around the 20?.

If you were born with Neptune in Sagittarius or any planets for that matter, around the 20? of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces, feel free to share your experiences of this past week end, in this space, to shed some light in this debate!
That's when I thought, "I need to Capricorn Moon this guy and shut him down." My Capricorn Moon is what allows me to get by with statements that have no sugar coating. INSIGHT REPORTS" for just enough information to give you insight into your Love interest, co-worker, boss, neighbor, friend, family member, etc. You can tell because the symbol for the Sun is near the bottom of the chart – under the horizon. The blog entry itself was pretty light on astrological detail because of that, but if you want to have a look at it, here it is.
Once again, one of us ( by this I mean, somebody from the human race) flips and goes out on a killing rampage. Mercury would have been there too, since is Hermes, who delivers the Souls down to the Underworld, as we saw in the charts of the September 11th attacks. Coincidentally, in this birthchart we can see Uranus by transit and in retrograde motion in the 8th house in square to itself in the 4th. The Sun in Leo also made a quincux to the Saturn-south Node conjunction in Piscis, which does speak of inocent victims.
In fact, Neptune’s voice whispers in our ears: “You are special, not of this Earth, above human needs, in league with the Gods”, which could be great if you have any creative outlet, but even then, as in the case of Amy and Anders, difficult to manage in the real world.
Asking someone for driving directions to the nearest Dairy Queen is one thing, but knowing the address of the Dairy Queen and decoding how to get there from a road map is an entirely different mental skill set. The Signs always go in the same order that you see listed on Sun Sign forecast: Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces. The reason birth charts are flipped around like that, whereas a road map has west on the left and east on the right, is that astrology was developed in the Northern Hemisphere. If you had been standing outside watching the sky for about 3 hours before Fred was born, you would have seen a little orange dot rise in the East, off to your left. Once you get used to reading a birth chart, they will help you pick out quickly what planet is square or trine or sextile or whatever to any other planets.
Me describing these things for you is one thing, but seeing it for yourself is quite another. The latter has being undergoing in the past few years a transit from Neptune to his stellium of planets in Aquarius (Mars-Sun-Ceres-Mercury-Vesta), which explains to me at least, the fact that he has become confused about his role in the world, becoming in his fantasy, the chose one, to carry out such revengeful act. In the Northern Hemisphere, one has to look South in order to see the Zodiac, or the plane of the ecliptic as astronomers call it.
Mars has been by transit now, making a square to his Moon-Saturn conjunction, which speaks volumes of his own resentment being projected outwardly to a particular group, reinforced by his Sun-Mars conjunction in Aquarius.
It’s the relatively narrow band that the planets appear to travel through as they go across our sky. In other words, if you were standing outside looking at the sky when our friend here was born, you would see the Moon off on the right hand side of the sky.
I double dare you to break free of that negative force that rules worry, doubt and fear, and live according to that burning desire that God created and placed in your heart.

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