Birth horoscope meaning taurus

Get Your Wedding Date's Meaning RevealedYour wedding date determines your couple personality. Since the sign is a feminine one wherein the Moon gets exalted, those ruled by it have abundance of beauty, imagination, and as some would say: ‘ a thing of beauty is a joy for over’. Hailing from Sansal in District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh, India, Kushal Kumar, is based these days at Panchkula, Haryana. Malefic planet becomes benefic planet if it owns Kendra ( Angular House) with some exceptions. Therefore, Taurus is a fortunate sign who can get severe enemy like Saturn & Sun as benefic.

The Taurus tattoos presented here are quite dynamic and forceful, and would look good on both sexes. It is ruled by the planet Venus, and as such is associated with the concepts of properties, money, the arts as well as sensual pleasures.
His predictions about last Presidential elections , both French and US, have been precisely accurate. Taurus individuals are known to be quite stubborn, bull-headed (much like their sign), determined and strong-willed. Trends of world affairs, covering different nations, penned by him have matched with actual happenings on the ground within the indicated time frame.

Raman, the celebrated editor of astrological magazine from Bangalore, India, in his book “Notable Horoscopes”.
Alternatively, one may also want to sport a design that has a circle topped by a crescent-shaped U. Other popular Taurus tattoo designs include the constellation of Taurus, Celtic Taurus tattoo and tribal Taurus tattoo.

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