Birthday horoscope gemini personality

Gemini is the third symbol of the Zodiac horoscope and represents the sign of a thinker, and your ability to have a very objective, logical outlook toward life. The planet Mercury rules over the Gemini sign, which provides certain characteristics such as love, caring, commitment, addictive behavior, argumentative, as well as your ability to analyze.
The Gemini has an extremely versatile and intelligent mind and for this reason you have a constant need for information.
To be a Gemini horoscope sign you need to have been born between the days of "May 21st to June 21st" if born on any date between those two dates, this would make you a Gemini, and the rest of this article has been written for you.
You are very curious and inquisitive and are always looking for something new or different. The symbol of the Gemini horoscope is the twins and this is because you have two parts to your nature. On other days Gemini horoscope signs are not the life and soul of the party and can become the exact opposite. Both male and female Gemini's are usually very inquisitive and attractive, there is something that is very special and elusive that attracts people to them.

Because of your ability to analyze you are an excellent communicator and will use information to clarify your position.
You have the ability to devour information within seconds and can categories, analyze, and deliver your perception as though it was effortless. The focus of this article is to give you an insight into your typical personality and character traits, as well as information and meanings regarding your Zodiac sign. A person born under this horoscope sign is very good at arguments because you are constructive, strategic, and are always searching for your opponent's weakness.
On some days you are flirtatious, witty, interesting, charming, and for the most part a loving and appealing person. If anyone withholds information from you, they have misjudged your ability to sort things out and could potentially end up on your wrong side.
One of the many reasons people are attracted to you is because of your knowledge about situations and your deep sense of nature. You more often than not, need new faces, places, or some type of novelty for you to experience and stimulate your senses; this is to prevent you from feeling restless or bored.

You will not feel the need to be involved in any sort of activity and require no one's attention or well wishes.
This is nothing new with people that are born under this sign and for the most part you are always active with your hands and feet. If you do not have the ability to stay in touch you have the potential to become depressed. At times because of the ability of your mind, you have a strong tendency to over analyze situations and in-turn set yourself up for disappointment, because you cannot find an answer that is suitable for you. In these times your other half will remind you that everyone has off times and normally you can restore your own balance.
You have the gift to experience life in many different realms than other horoscope signs can, and this allows you flexibility and unlimited interaction.

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