Birthday numerology life path number mean

Realize just because this numerology number shows you have certain talent does not mean that you will not have to work at perfecting that talent. Calculating your birthday number is super easy as it is the numerical day of the month that you were born.
The single digit birthday number or as I call the primary birthday number displays your main talents.
Above is a very brief description of what the Birthday Number represents. Only a true experienced numerologist can give you highly precise accurate readings. There is the Life Path Number which is the most important number in numerology and there is the Birthday number.

Your double digit number or I call the secondary birthday number display any additional talents. If you are further interested in numerology and want to learn more about this incredible skill than I fully recommend that you start off and get a Free Numerology Reading, this is the most effective way to learn about the birthday number and use numerology correctly. Understand that your Life Path Number reflects your overall destiny in life and does not reveal your specific talents and characteristics.
Now that does not mean you can just sit down at a piano and play like a seasoned professional. Your birthday number provides you with specific talents and characteristics that you shall posses.

Some are already fully aware of their talents while many have hidden talents that they have no idea exist within them. In President Obama’s case his Birthday number is naturally a single digit but for someone born on the 15th of the month their single digit Birthday number would be 6 (1 + 5 = 6).
This is the primary birthday number but they also have a secondary Birthday number of 1 and 5 from being born on the 15th on the month.

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