Black brown eyebrow pencil

Unique product for eyebrow shaping, the only one that  darkens, shines and optically regulates eyebrow at the same time. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. In the less than twenty-four hours between last Monday night’s Met Gala and Tuesday’s Alexander Wang party for Ryan Korban’s Luxury Redefined, guests Toni Garrn and Zoe Kravitz changed the color of their eyebrows: Garrn went from invisibly bleached to warm almond, while Kravitz shifted from ash brown to cool blonde.
Once you’ve settled on a shade, New York City colorist Aura Friedman, whose clients include everyone from Carolyn Murphy to Caroline Polacheck and Sky Ferreira, says the only rule for dyeing your eyebrows is to match warm tones with warm tones, cool with cool. With that in mind, we asked Lee and Friedman for their guidelines for brow alterations that enhance eye color, strengthen or soften bone structure, and look as inconspicuous or dramatic as desired.
Bleached brows, on the other hand, “are not for everyday life—it’s more for models and for people with perfect bone structure.” So, just because you’ve gone platinum does not mean you have to take your brows there, too. No matter what you choose, Lee cautions, “do not try to dye your own brows, especially if you don’t have experience.

Gel texture and specially patended brush makes the creator extremely handy, quick and easy to apply. Getting that line above and below the eyes just to set A off the make-up job perfectly, is every make-up artist s dream. Illustrating the increasing liberties that women are taking with their arches, they seemed to transform effortlessly from ethereal to classic, pretty to edgy with one incremental shift in tone.
That, and be prepared to return to the salon at least once every four weeks—even more often if you’ve gone lighter (though Lee notes that a tinted brow gel will see you through any awkward salt-and-pepper transitional moments).
Natural blondes who have fair hairs can feel free to deepen the shade of their arches, she says, adding that darker brows will act as a frame for the face and enhance your eye color.
It’s a look she prefers, because “by nature, your brows are supposed to be darker than your hair,” and the cooler your shade, the darker your brows can be.
Those with a hue that’s more pumpkin than burgundy will be best suited by arches with the smallest hint of copper.

A lift in arch tone is only suggested for those looking to soften the fine lines that come with aging or angular bone structure, and to take the focus away from thin eyebrows. Cool redheads, on the other hand, can be coupled with brunette arches that are dark and rich.
If your brow shade blends with your skin tone, an over-plucked pair won’t look so pronounced. If your eyebrows appear too dark against your hair, Friedman suggests “taking the edge out by softening the color one level”—an act she deems necessary across the board for brunettes going golden blonde, because lightening your brows, even subtly, will warm everything up.

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