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In its 28th year, the longest-running show home program proves that the market for estate homes is alive and well if you have a client with big dreams and deep pockets. Lake Davis Drive is one of those established downtown Orlando, Fla., neighborhoods that hark back to the citya€™s roots, before Walt and Mickey and Shamu the killer whale set up their circus south of town.
Encircling one of the small lakes that dot the citya€™s core, the narrow, tree-lined street features a comfortable diversity of home styles and sizes, the latest being an imposing, 8,500-square-foot residence that replaced a pair of modest bungalows on a three-lot site: The New American Home 2011. The mere fact that the 2011 house was built on contract is not the only difference between it and a luxury spec home.

But despite a floor plan that matched the homea€™s exterior in size, scale, and overall aesthetic (note the 24-foot ceiling in the great room just inside the front door on page 3), the interior finishes replace heavy formality with simple forms and light details to please the contemporary sensitivities of the owners and reflect prevailing lifestyle tastes across the country.
That approach was a departure from what builder Keith Clarke, her husband, has been providing to upscale Central Florida home buyers since the mid-1990s, but it somehow suited the process he and the project team undertook to deliver the house. For the first time in its 28-year history, The New American Home, a show home co-produced by Builder and NCHIa€”The Leading Suppliers of NAHB in the host city of the annual International Buildersa€™ Show, had a homeowner attached from the get-go. It is also, simply, a beautiful house, a perfectly proportioned classic manor of historical reference that is about as architecturally akin to a cookie-cutter, gable-garbled McMansion as an apple is to a scissor truss.

He points to roof forms, niches, cornices, columns, and openings that provide historically accurate details, with some of them also contributing to the homea€™s energy performance and indoor comfort.
That meant no for-sale sign out front and no follow-up article about when it sold (and for how much less than its list price), but it also presented its share of challenges ranging from communication to product selection, and, ultimately, the size and interior design of the house.

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