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Chaplain Mike will be taking a very well-earned sabbatical during the month of November as he completes coursework toward his ordination in the Lutheran church. You can purchase any or all of these books by clicking on their links on this page—that will take you straight to Amazon (where I buy almost all of my reading material these days). I have always had lots of questions regarding him [although I think he is a mythical being], none of which were ever answered. Am eagerly looking forward to “listening” in to a discussion among those here who will be reading this book! IM now has a group on Facebook, which is designed to help readers of the Internet Monk blog connect and communicate in other ways and places. To make this as safe and user-friendly as possible, we have made the iMonk Community an invitation only group. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License. Rose, now in a new town, and using her maiden name McClendon locates a women’s shelter where she makes friends quickly and can live day to day without being trapped in a blanket of fear. Real life can be better than fiction and this memoir, written with beautiful wit and veracity, drives the point home.
Written while Vietnam was in full swing gives the book meaning that goes far deeper into Rambo’s psyche than the story that you know. As he has traveled from town to town, the local authorities keep making him because to them he is a hippie and bad news. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new articles by email!
Weekly NewsletterSubscribe to the weekly newsletter and get just the weekly highlights, links, and articles delivered at one time! It’s absolutely worth reading, especially with the world history happening around all of us right now.
I considered spending the month pondering the question, “When will Cincinnati ever get a professional football team?” Then I thought, Hey! The book addresses the subject of domestic violence and involves a woman named Rose Daniels.
Norman had punched her in face the night before because she accidentally spilled a beverage on him. The shelter director helps Rose get on her feet with a job as  housekeeping staff at a hotel  and an apartment of her own. The painting seems to change periodically and eventually takes on a life of it’s own pulling Rose into an alternate reality where she will become very involved.

You will feel all her emotions more deeply than you at first realize and will cheer her on as she escapes to her new life. While you read the book you most likely will hear George Burns voice in your head as he recounts how he came to meet Gracie and you will follow them on their rise to fame from vaudeville, to radio, to television and film. If you are pleased by wonderful stories about true love and relationships then this is your book. He enters Madison, Kentucky at the beginning of the novel and local lawman Wilfred Teasle, like all the law enforcement in the towns before, is going to ask Rambo to leave. You are going to get lost in a brutal  journey leading to a shocking and violent conclusion that will leave you satisfied, yet wishing the story was not over because of the wild ride it was.
We will ask some questions and throw out some ideas as starters for discussion, but then the floor will be opened for you to share your thoughts.
Let me just say that, apart from just about anything by Robert Capon, this book encapsulates what the Christian life should look like more than anything I have ever read.
Stafford is not a Charismatic preacher; rather, he is a journalist who asked this question honestly, and looks for honest answers. How do we reconcile his committing genocide and ordering others to do the same with the God who is Love?
Damaris Zehner and Martha of Ireland will look at the life of a woman who we really know almost nothing about. It is summer and a good time for reading whether you are sitting on a beach, traveling by airplane or staying at home. She decides to pawn her wedding ring and is taken aback to realize the ring isn’t worth a thing. He will find Rose and both of them will enter the alternate reality in a battle in which only one of them will walk away with his or her life. You will be excited to see this woman bloom now that she is away from an abusive husband and you will feel fear knowing that with every page he is getting closer.
Anyone who has ever owned a dog from puppy-hood on will delight in so many of the stories chronicled here. What follows is a story of a soldier who can fight and kill with animal cunning who is being hunted like an animal. And I don’t have much time to read right now either compared to when the kids were little. Though reading 4 books in 1 month reminds me of grad school and will give me nightmere’s tonight! Reading is a great summer pastime and you can get books so easily now especially with the creation of E-Readers.

While in the pawnshop she sets eyes on a painting with a woman garbed in a rose madder colored gown and is instantly drawn to it. In Madison, Kentucky a war is brewing only they don’t know it yet and for Sheriff Wilfred Teasle, it will be a lesson learned a bit too late.
The journey is exhilarating in every sense of the world and the book will keep you on the edge of your seat and almost breathless as you travel with Rambo trying to make his escape.
Every time I read it I feel like I am reading it for the first time with it’s taut suspense.
I don’t have time to go through the hundreds of comments that go into spam every day, but let me know and if it's in spam I can do a quick search and set it free. I like to have a physical book where I can feel the pages as I lovingly turn them one at a time to continue on with the story. I love to go to used bookstores and search through their shelves seeing what treasures of publication I can find and for a good price.
You are going to fall in love with the Mansfield (Jacqueline’s married name) household and Josephine who turns their world upside down, sideways and inside out. He even brings up an infidelity he had while married (showing that he was not a perfect husband) to Gracie and the way she handled the news.
You will walk away from this book wishing you could have personally known this beautiful and dynamic woman.
In the book the character is considerably younger than in the film version and is taking place while Vietnam is still going on. She realizes that it is happening because it is far too detailed to actually be the creation of slumber. I know there are books coming out by the hundreds on a weekly basis and I am always looking for the next great read, however this column will not be about those books. He is so impressed with her reading that he gives her a job recording audio-books for his company. If you have not read the books I have selected then it is still a new story to you and a chance to enjoy spending some time with a bad girl in print. I don’t want the men left out (although anyone can read any of the books below, they are all good) so I will share a book with a bad boy as the central character.

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