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If resources have violated your copyright, please through "Contact Us" to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you! Are you tired of having the same old activities at your school's end-of-the-year field day? With a little advance planning, field day can be as special and as much fun as you choose to make it. You might provide a different colored ribbon or a different colored jellybean for each completed activity. Each student might wear a card listing all the possible activities; a star is placed on the card as each activity is completed.

Each student might earn a different colored link on a paper chain for each completed activity.
Special awards might be given to students who complete the most activities, providing an incentive for students to do as many activities as possible during the field day. Will students move from activity to activity with their classmates (which will enable the inclusion of relay activities), or will you set up 20 different activities and let students select the ones they most want to participate in? That keeps students moving and encourages them to participate in activities with have shorter lines.
Will the local radio station be invited to broadcast live from and provide music for Field Day festivities?

This week's lessons provide more ideas than you can possibly use -- and links to many more. In addition, our parent company, S&S Worldwide, is the leader in providing field day resources to schools nationwide. Visit their field day page to access PE Central's exclusive ebook, Top 10 Field Day Activities along with fun products to use today at your events.

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