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Yet another look at a masterpiece of American bookmaking, the Standard Book of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, as designed by Daniel Berkeley Updike and printed by the Merrymount Press. Also from the Folger, a late 17th-century BCP not in English, not in Latin, but in … shorthand. This photo was made for me by the fabulous Sarah Werner, a Shakespearean who is also the Undergraduate Program Director at the Folger.
Lovely images of that 1662 BCP owned by Nashotah House that I posted a black-and-white image of the other day.

The visitor has stumbled upon a service, Evensong, whose roots stretch back at least to the tenth century, and whose liturgy has been in almost continuous use since 1549, the date of the first Book of Common Prayer, which was revised in 1552, and lightly amended in 1662, three hundred and fifty years ago. Note the specification of maximum prices for the book, varying according to whether it was sold bound or unbound.
During the Interregnum lovers of the BCP had become attached to it in quite personal ways: since public worship using it was forbidden, they used it at home.
Cranmer did not cut his text from whole cloth: in the ecumenical spirit that characterizes the Book of Common Prayer, he went to the Latin liturgy that the English Catholic Church had used for centuries.

Even after its restoration (along with that of the monarchy) these more private uses of the prayer book continued to thrive. In particular, he turned to a book known as the Sarum Missal, which priests at Salisbury Cathedral had long used to conduct services.

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