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The Book of Life is a colorful, vibrant celebration of Mexican culture – eye popping and full of frenetic energy. Life and death permeate – that particular mix of skeletons and gallows humor that marks the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. Guillermo del Toro produced The Book of Life; he’s been very committed to bringing Mexican culture to the world. About UsWatermark is a multi-faceted media company using opportunities and innovations to communicate and advance LGBT interests, with a corporate emphasis on professionalism while building strong relationships with our readers, customers and community. Watermark Media was founded by Tom Dyer in Orlando in 1994, and expanded to Tampa Bay in 1995. Watermark prints up to 20,000 copies every other Thursday, and distributes them in more than 500 locations throughout Orlando, Tampa Bay, Sarasota and throughout the state. Watermark Publishing Group, founded by publisher Rick Claggett, purchased Watermark in January of 2016.

When other studios seem to make films primarily to peddle plastic merchandise (I’m talking to you, Disney), The Book of Life sells us civilization and anthropology, which is much more fascinating. They place a wager on three youths – the fiery beauty (Saldana), and her two beaus (Luna and Tatum). Of course, mischievous Xibaba is going to stack the deck, bringing in death and destruction, to win his bet. The movie also uses pre-existing music, which may make this tale easier to understand, but it also cuts corners on creativity. Television artists wrote and directed this, which – after you see the movie – also comes as no surprise.
Dyer is an attorney, former board member of the Metropolitan Business Association and Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and current advisory board member of the Harvey Milk Foundation. The newspaper donates more than $200,000 annually in free and sponsor advertising to worthy local and national LGBT non-profits. The award-winning newspaper currently maintains offices in Tampa Bay and Orlando and employs a full-time staff of 12, along with several part-time and freelance contributors. Dominic Mafham, Beau Brasso, James Rawlings, Jack Derges have made this movie exclusive to watch.

Of course, the young singer will have to stand up for himself against his family and face the afterworld in his epic struggle for the heart of his true love. Their faces, shoulders, and hands are all rough-hewn planes, the wood grain always showing. However, the textures, the energy, and the heart make this Day of the Dead cartoon a lively visit to the cinema.
Still, The Book of Life is a wonderful observance of Day of the Dead and the spirited people who celebrate it. Luna wants to be a troubadour, but his family urges him to follow tradition and become a matador. This is a brilliant way to cut down on detailed, expensive computer animation like blushing skin, rippling water, and moving hair.
It also allows the animators to fill the screen with color and iconography – little skulls and artistic curlicues abound.

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