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Today, I wanted to share some of our favorite chapter books series in honor of Children's Book Week. Before you explore the list below, I want you to keep in mind that reading abilities do vary in children, especially in the early primary grades. Just recently I was given the three Toy Story movies, which I would never have thought of watching otherwise.
We have taken this book out of the library so much over the past four years we probably should have just bought a copy by now.
Head back to the jungle for some swinging fun with Mowgli, Baloo, and a few brand-new friends! Some of the books I may suggest may be too difficult (or possibly even too easy) for your Kindergarten thru 2nd Grader. Enjoying chapter books together is a wonderful opportunity to get everyone involved and reading.

Still, Christmas evening and the next two nights, out they came.Somebody subsequently asked me which I liked best.
If you have then this is a retelling of part of the story where Woody finds out that there was a TV show made of him and his team Bullseye, Jessie and The Prospector. It is such a thrill for my daughter to take it out when she sees it on the shelf, though, I wouldn't want to take that away from her.
This full-color retelling of Disney’s new animated sequel, The Jungle Book II, is perfect for reading aloud to the whole family. I also want to remind you not to steer your child away from chapter books simply because they are not 100% ready to tackle a chapter book independently.
This gives us the opportunity to discuss the book, it allows me to help if they get stuck on a word and I can also readily see if a book is either too easy or too hard for them.
I have to say number two as it captures so brilliantly the nature of the collector, the horrible Chicken Man.

Even if your child is only reading easy readers, chapter books can be a part of their reading experience.
I guess I've been both sides of that, the collector turned seller and yep, inside we all have the heart of the the Chicken Man. It's a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to chapter books and enjoy them together. Still, I guess kids simply see different things from adults in movies and may not have felt the discomfort that I suffered in this one. It didn't seem to have the funny relief of the others, it was just nasty.There's that thing about presents.

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