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With the release of the iPad and Apple's new iBookstore, a lot of so called analysts and experts like to speculate that Apple is now going to dominate the ebook industry the way they have the music industry. There are a number of holes in that theory, so lets start with the most obvious one: ebook selection.
Amazon currently has over 480,000 ebooks in the Kindle store, a number they have been building on for years. Keep in mind that the iBookstore just launched at the start of April, so it's going to take them time to get a selection built up.
Another major advantage Amazon has over Apple's ebooks is that they are available to people in over 175 countries, whereas iBooks are US only at this point. All these factors make you wonder what these analysts are analyzing to already be digging a grave for Amazon and the Kindle in the ebook industry. There are two different ways to buy ebooks and download free samples from Amazon on the iPad. The Kindle app allows for changing the background color and adjusting the brightness to minimize eye strain. What makes this really cool is that highlights, notes, bookmarks, and last page read automatically sync to all your other Kindle devices using Amazon's Whispersync.
The image at the very top of this page is the default layout for Kindle iPad, and there's also a list view as well.
Other features not mentioned above include table of contents (if the book has one), bookmark menu, jump to specific page, and there's a handy go-back button and a sync button. Amazon's website says that search and instant dictionary lookup are coming to the iPad app soon. I've mentioned the Android reading app Moon+ Reader  once or twice (it's bundled into the hacked firmware for the Sony Reader T1 and T2). It’s one of  the more popular reading apps available for Android, second only to Aldiko in terms of downloads - or at least it was before the app was removed from Google Play. LitRes has just discovered that Moon+ Reader, an app that has been available for a couple years now, lets you download ebooks from websites. Like any number of other ebook apps (including Stanza,Mantano, and Aldiko), Moon+ Reader supports OPDS.
Far from being a tool of pirates, OPDS is used by many legitimate ebookstores and download sites. The developers of a Russian text-to-speech ebook app Chitatel reported late last month that their app had been removed from iTunes for much the same reason (it's back now).
LitRes has a number of apps in Google Play, including both an audiobook app as well as an ebook app.
As for Moon+ Reader, the developer has filed a counter notice with Google.  The app is bound to be returned to Google Play, though it might take up to a month for Google to get around to it.
And while it is possible that Moon+ Reader could have offered a link to a pirate library via a user submitted OPDS catalog, that catalog (as well as the link to it) is not in the app so removing the app from Google Play will not remove the pirated content. I think it far more likely that LitRes filed a piracy complaint in order to harm the competition, not fight piracy. Second update: One reader is reporting that his version of the app has an extra download site in the list that isn't showing up in the 3 versions of the app I downloaded. As a matter of fact, each time people promote those epub apps with such bad support, the idea that ebooks are sub books is reinforced. Moon + reader devs, like fb reader devs should be ashamed for this simple reason, especially as the moon + screenshot in this article displays 3 major typographic fails, and it’s just about fundamentals here.
2) They clearly don’t understand, that implementing a protocol that might be used to exchange illegal content does not mean the developers should suffer from it. Letter to Google: I will download an illegal copy of something in the following minutes with Opera, and FTP client, so delete them from the store. Apparently the issue was not that the program offers ability to use OPDS, but that several links to pirate sites were preinstalled with the program.

They also claim that the author should have received notice from Google about the complaint but did not react in time to prevent its removal. A lesson for developers: relying on any single vendor to distribute your application exposes you to this kind of hijinks.
MoonReader is available from Amazon and their website so they’re still in business but a small developer could get wiped out this way. Just wanted to note that there were some indications in russian speaking part of the 4pda that LitRes might have acted through a contact at Russian Google. How they have standing to send DMCA requests (if it was indeed DMCA request), and why google complied at all?
And litres…only thing they DO good is that they are largest ebook retailer in Russia. People complain about the copyright infringement on any community website, and TUEBL is no different.
That said, we are deeply sorry to hear what happened to Moon+ Reader and we wish good luck to the guy who makes it. Recent CommentsWill O'Neil on Infographic: Fahrenheit 451, by the NumbersI thought it was a very powerful, well-crafted book.
Please Donate or SubscribeThis blog is largely funded by advertising and affiliate fees, but donations will always be gratefully accepted. Amazon just released their Kindle eBook App for Mac OS X, with a homage to Apple computer history.
The eBook Reader Blog keeps you updated on the latest ereader and tablet news, reviews, and tutorials.
They added some much-needed new features to the Kindle for Android app, and they also updated the Kindle for iPad app as well as the Kindle Cloud Reader, their web browser based app. As the picture at the top of this post illustrates, the Kindle Android app finally got two-page landscape mode for tablets, plus options for customizing line spacing and margin size. Some examples of children’s books with these features include Olivia by Ian Falconer and Freight Train by Donald Crews. Amazon states they have over 1,000 of these advanced-format titles that will now work on the iPad and Kindle Cloud Reader. AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers. After Apple stopped allowing Amazon and other ebook retailers to sell ebooks from directly within the app, Amazon created the Kindle Cloud Reader so users can read and shop for Kindle ebooks using a web browser.
At launch, the Apple iBookstore was reportedly supposed to have about 60,000 ebooks, with half of them free public domain titles from Project Gutenberg—from my experience there's no where near that many titles available at the moment.
I'd say a fair estimate would be a total of 100,000 - 150,000 titles by the end of the year, provided the free public domain ebooks remain at around 30,000.
They have apps for iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac computers, Blackberry, and others are supposed to be coming soon. The iPad is a marvelous machine, but that doesn't mean Apple's iBookstore is going to dominate the ebook market.
First, you can launch the web browser and navigate to Amazon's site just as you would from a computer, and there's also a link to launch the browser from the Kindle iPad home screen, which closes the Kindle app. Go into the settings menu of the Kindle iPad home screen and choose "Learn about Kindle" or "Help". The smallest and largest fonts are displayed below, the larger being smaller than expected. From here you can add notes using the keyboard or highlight a word or selection by moving the blue circles to expand the highlighted portion. Make a highlight using the iPad in a book and you can open Kindle for PC and your highlight appears there too. They are also supposed to be adding folder support to the Kindles anytime, not sure it they will add that feature to the apps or not, but logic suspects they will.

It's a very popular app with excellent file management features, ebook formatting options, and support for downloading ebooks from website. This is an RSS-like protocol that enables websites to offer ebook downloads inside compatible reading apps.
Project Gutenberg, Baen Books, Internet Archive, and Feedbooks all use OPDS to offer ebook downloads, and the app developer Bluefire uses it to connect their reading apps for iOS and Android with partner ebookstores. According to their announcement, LitRes accused them of piracy because it was possible for users to use the Chitatel app to download pirated content. Assuming that Google Translate did its job, they claim that both apps mentioned above "include in their applications pre-installed links to pirated library as the main source for books". They’re acting like any ISP that gets a DMCA notice from the MPAA or RIAA and shuts a source down before verifying it for truth.
I host my own private OPDS server where i store quite a bit of DRM-free material (all of which I legally acquired). So, with the impending Apple iPad iBookstore release in about 2 weeks, you might want to hold up major ebook purchases to see what Apple has to offer.
They also added a new left-justified option to help improve readability on smaller screens. Most reading apps have two-page landscape mode, and it’s about time Amazon caught up. I can finally read my Kindle books on my Mac now (I am running an older OS that wasn’t compatible with their app). The book will automatically show up the next time you open Kindle for iPad, provided you have internet access, of course.
According to the developer's blog, this reading app has been removed from Google Play because of a piracy complaint. While at first glance it looks like a download protocol, it would be better to describe it as a catalog protocol because it also includes important metadata like title, author, file format type, and description.
There's even a trick where you can set up your own library of legally purchased ebooks in your Dropbox account and create an OPDS catalog for it.
I call BS on this statement; the main sources of Moon+ Reader are sites like PG, Smashwords, Feedbooks, etc - none of which are pirate sites.
The big difference in your analogy is that the MPAA represents content providers and claims domain over them all. If I send a letter next day, that Angry Birds was totaly my idea, will they remove it aswell instantly? I have the paid version on my Android devices and it does everything I want it to – and a bit more. We provide a method to remove books which is more simple and faster than Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Grooveshark, Wikipedia or any other website which allows community added content.
The lines were previously too long to comfortably read before on large-screen tablets, and sometimes the margins were way too large. In fact, you cannot even browse the iBookstore without an iPad to see what the selection and pricing is like. The Sepia setting is easier on the eyes because the background isn't as bright as the white setting.
When this news broke on Reddit, one redditor proposed a campaign of retaliatory 1-star reviews.
I have been a satisfied paid user for several months now soon after I bought my Google Nexus 7.

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