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Il formato EPUB e un noto formato di lettura ideato appositamente per contenere libri, documenti e altro materiale cartaceo da lettura; abbiamo visto in passato un pratico servizio online per convertire PDF in EPUB ma se possediamo un tablet con Windows 8 potremo non avere a disposizione del software in grado di leggere il formato EPUB. OverDrive e un altro ottimo software per la lettura dei nostri file EPUB su un tablet Windows 8; il software offre anche una libreria online dalla quale acquistare libri piu la classica libreria personale. Freda e uno dei lettori EPUB piu diffusi e noti per Windows Phone, ora finalmente disponibile nativamente anche per Windows 8.
Sapete dirmi quale di questi software permette di sottolineare o evidenziare porzioni di testo? I contenuti di questo blog, dove non diversamente specificato, sono distribuiti sotto Licenza Creative Commons. Fiction Book Reader is a simple and lite program for reading fb2, epub (without DRM), mobi (without DRM) and txt books.
It works well I just hate you loose everything if something happens to your computer, readers can be saved but I like this app better then reader.
I enjoy this application a lot but I wish you could highlight portions of the paragraphs while reading.
Best Comic Book Reader & CBR Reader apps for Kindle, iPad, Mac, Windows and Android with reviews, videos, screenshots & more! Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, All-in-one PCs or the new breed of convertibles running Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 and even older machines running a flavor of Windows all have a wealth of digital comic viewing options.
Comics by comiXology continues to blaze trails with the launch on Surface with Windows 8 RT.
ComicRack bills itself as the best eComic Reader in the world and has a loyal fan base on Windows (and Android).
Comic Reader Mobi includes support for ZIP, RAR, CBR and CBZ comic book file formats and can stream comics from a WebDAV server. CDisplay is the grandfather of digital comic book readers, originally built as a freeware sequential image viewer and led to the popularity of comic book archive formats.
MangaMeeya is a manga and comic book viewer for Windows Vista and Windows 7 with support for ZIP, RAR, CBR, CBZ, BMP, GIF and JPG digital comic book and image formats, but not PDF or PNG.
Appreciate your reviews (here and on YouTube), since I was wondering which reader to install on my Surface.

1) Sounds like I have a New Year’s resolution to incorporate more in-depth reviews focusing on features like this. Any other thoughts and suggestions (such as which readers folks want to see next) are more than welcome our next round of reviews will go more in depth. Vediamo quindi alcuni programmi per leggere file EPUB su un tablet Wndows 8, ideati e sviluppati appositamente per il nuovo sistema operativo Microsoft. Supporta file con protezione DRM, a piu colonne e permette di selezionare tra tre diverse combinazioni visive per la lettura (giorno, interno, notte); tramite book Reader e possibile anche creare dei collegamenti alla nostra interfaccia principale di Windows per poter aprire velocemente un libro appena acceso lo schermo del nostro tablet.
Supporta senza problemi formati protetti da DRM, EPUB, FB2, HTML ma anche semplici file di testo; supportando a pieno molti formati non avremo mai problemi a visualizzare correttamente un sommario, riprendere dal segnalibro la nostra lettura o visualizzare immagini presenti nelle pagine. With a deep history of digital CBR Reader Windows applications – even large TV sized display desktops can make the reading experience rich and Windows is still the leading PC standard.
ComiXology for the Surface is just as robust on Windows 8, including access to all previously purchased comiXology content and newly integrated store for future purchases. Comic Reader is a comic book reader with a bit of charm along with viewing CBR, CBZ and recently opened files. The app help screen is a comic strip that guides you through opening and accessing your content. The app allows for scanning a directory for comics loading onto the device and a simple swipe function for page turning. Comic Book Reader also incorporates library management features like grouping into folders, simple file management (adding, deleting) and offers comic viewing in single or double page spreads with full screen.
Other features include full screen viewing, zoom and simple commands for opening, moving and flipping pages. Other comic viewing and image features include: draggable autosizing lens for zooming, automatic bookmarking and image fit by width, height, best fit or stretch. CDisplay reads CBR, CBZ, CBT and CBA digital comic formats as well as JPG, PNG and GIF image formats and runs on Windows 98, NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7. CDisplayEx supports a whole slew of comic file formats including: PDF, CBR, CBZ, CBT, CB7, RAR, ZIP, TAR, LZH, 7Z, JPG, PNG and many other image formats. Mangameeya does in a library or file management feature but has a number of viewer settings including: single or double page layout, full screen and zoom viewing and thumbnail navigation.

Digital comic book formats supported include CBR, CBZ and some individual image formats, but not PDF. Sono disponibili diverse combinazioni di colore per adattarsi ad ogni esigenza di lettura, cosi come e possibile cambiare il font e la sua dimensione; sono inoltre integrate molte librerie online come la Feedbooks Smashwords, Gutenberg e Calibre, cosi da poter acquistare altri libri oltre ai nostri che gia possediamo. Really annoying, I have loads of bytes on this device, and the author wanted to save me one.
Comics by comiXology is the leading comic book reader on Windows 8 and feels like a well integrated and native app experience. While the app does not automatically scan and create a library, it does allow browsing the device for files.
That’s about it and may be all you need if that if you are looking for a stripped down comic book reader.
This all-in-one app not only allows database management of all these file types, but exports to CBZ, CBT, CB7 and PDF formats and synchronizes with ComicRack for Android. Other features include browsing pages, thumbnail navigation, zoom and single or double page viewing. Freda e disponibile gratuitamente sul Windows Store; e sicuramente attualmente uno dei migliori software la lettura dei nostri file EPUB.
ComicRack is multilingual and includes a number of reading modes: two page display, zoom and auto rotation. ComiXology does not integrate with a scanned library but with the ability to buy once and read on your Windows 8 device this app should be at the top of your list.
The swiping feels natural and intuitive and viewing opening include a full screen experience – I have found it to be one of the most responsive Win 8 apps. Finally, when I'm 10 levels deep in an OPDS catalog, getting back out requires far too many taps on the back button.

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