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There goes an old joke: If you want to commit suicide, try booking a tatkal ticket on IRCTC website by Internet Explorer through BSNL Connection. Journey on Indian Railways is not just about reaching your destination but enjoying wonderful scenery, getting to explore various stations on the way.
I hope these few railway websites and applications help to make your journey more enjoyable.
Young, Dynamics, skilled Technocrat and Admin of Various regional and international communities on Facebook, Google. AmoyTrip provides China train tickets booking service with quick reply and ticket confirmation in the lowest booking fee(15%). You can get your tickets by ticket booking reference No. and your passport  from any railway station for free or train ticket agents for RMB5 per ticket in China. Traveling in China by train is one of the most economical and safety way.Due to some reasons,booking China train ticket used to be a tough job, especially during the Chinese Spring Festival eve. After you make the payment successfully, you will receive an email about your train ticket’s information. When you book China train tickets online successfully, you can get the ticket the day your departure from railway station ticket office. I am searching for a train ticket from shenzhen north station to xiamen (north or railway station) for the 2nd of February in the late afternoon or towards evening. Please advise whether for each ticket separate E number or collectively one E number for all tickets. I am hoping to do the trans Mongolian train starting in Beijing, therefore I bought a one way ticket to Beijing and hope to get the train to Ulaan Baatar, but inorder to get a visa I need proof to my flight in and my transport to leave the country, hence I will need my train ticket to do so. Can you help with the purchase of the train ticket and will you be able to send me the ticket in time to get a visa? Ryan was excellent, very customer focused and happily accommodate my request, including changing the train times on one of my reservations. Payment to Ryan was seamless, tickets were collected with no problems and travels were fantastic. I would like to travel during chinese newyear next year (31 jan-08 feb 2013) from Beijing to Shenzhen, with some stops in between, like Guilin. Maybe you can take train from Beijing to Shenzhen, then transfer from Shenzhen to Hong Kong. About UsVIP Concert Tickets allow you to enjoy the biggest and best UK concerts in VIP style.

Enjoy the best seats at the biggest concerts with a range of hospitality options available. Your can browse and book all our available packages online or alternatively please call 0870 234 0202 for further details. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Subscribe to our free newsletter and we will keep you up to date with all the latest motorsport tickets. Kaaki Sattai Sivakarthikeyan and Sri Divya movie releasing in Denmark Theater and Norway Theater on 27th February 2015. Kaaki Sattai movie starred by Sivakarthikeyan, Prabhu, Sri Divya, Vijay Raaz, Manobala, Vidyullekha Raman, Imman Annachi, Kalpana, Nagineedu, Yog Japee and Yuvina Parthavi, mswitzerlandic has been composed by famoswitzerland Anirudh. Kaaki Sattai movie releasing in USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, France, Netherland or denmark, Switzerland or Swiss, switzerland, US, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Denmark, norway, Japan, Kuwait, Bahrain and South Africa on 23th February 2015. If anyone have problem of making the payment, please feel free to contact me, I am pleased to help you for the payment.
Ryan even checked with me after my travel dye to ensure all was ok, which was very thoughtful of him. Aside from being cheaper (hell lot cheaper) than other travel agencies, Ryan offers quick, reliable and very good service. I would like to find an agent but even they can not guarantee me to be able to book it succesfully. It is more easier to buy tickets from Beijing to Shenzhen, and these tickets are available online.
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The competition is set to start on April ninth in the not so distant future with the last booked for May 29.Book IPL 9 Tickets Online, The IPL 9 is without a doubt one of the greatest cricketing scenes on the planet. List of Denmark cinemas and Norway cinemas are Denmark Aalestrup Aalestrup Bio, Denmark Hornslet Hornslet Kom-Bl, Denmark Hjallerup Hjallerup Kino, Denmark Ikast Ikast Bio, Denmark Svendborg Scala, Denmark Middlefart Panorama, Denmark Vamdrup Vamdrup Kino, Denmark Horsens Megascope, Denmark Vejle Lido Vejle, Denmark Karup Karop Bio, Denmark Slangerup Slangerup Bio, Denmark Grindsted Grindsted Kino, Norway Oslo Oslo Kino Symra 2, Norway Ullensaker Kisi, Norway Drammen Cordial Sal 5, Norway Oslo Oslo Kino Saga, Norway Bergen mb 5. There are useful blogs on topics like ‘which is the most late train on a route’ ‘which is the best train on a route’ ‘which station has most utilities’ etc. Not only China citizen can book the China train ticket online directly, but foreigners providing passport information can book the train ticket online as well.The advantage of booking train ticket online is that it allows you to buy the tickets 60 Days in advance of your departure date (since 7th December 2014) which is longer that buying from train ticket agent which is only 10 days before the departure date.
I am not sure if it is available on agent nearby ,as Hong Kong is a special region in China.

As an official partner for the Formula 1 race in China we are able to offer you the best prices for the F1 event at the track just outside Shanghai. Unlike other sites which gives list of train for a particular day and availability of one train only, this railway website gives you list of all trains on all days at a glance. Also, the timings of normal and tatkal reservation have been changed to 8 AM and 10 AM respectively so there is lesser load on the server. It also has features like platform locator, arrival departure at stations which is extremely helpful to start your journey. You can check everything: your PNR Status, train information, seat availability, information of new trains, cancelled trains, diverted trains and many more. That is why people, especial the young people prefer to buy train ticket online.However,as there is not English version Train ticket booking website, few foreigners book the ticket online by themselves. So before starting your journey, you may go through this railway website to know your stations better. When you search for a train from A to B, the site gives to option of direct trains as well as connecting trains which you can choose by breaking journey in between.
After reading this article,I believe you will be able to book China train tickets online by yourselves. In addition, you can find out fares, seats in various quotas, route, availability of amenities like pantry etc.
In addition, feature of IRCTC wallet, flexibility to choose coach number, advantage of booking food or taxi etc.
Many a times, you may not have reservation available in direct train but by breaking in-between you can get confirm reservation, There is also a feature called PNR Prediction, wherein once you enter your wait listed PNR, the rail fans give their prediction whether it will get confirm or not.
You may like to go through it just for fun to see various trains reaching a station in radar like view. The android application remembers your passenger details, so if you are frequent traveler, you need not feed your details again and again.
Also, PNR history feature can be used to check the PNR status of previous years so that you can check a pattern of how much wait list gets confirmed. The train information segment has details of coach composition and platform numbers of each station.

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