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A fascinating collection, this consists of registers and letter books of prisoners on convict prison hulks in England between 1802-1849. The hulks’ place in harbors also made it easier to hold and transport convicts being sent to Australia. The collection contains a letter book relating to the establishment of hulks written from 1847-1849 and the registers of prisoners on 19 different hulks between 1802-1849 – a total of about 200,000 records. Many of the 200,000 convicts held on board the floating prisons were awaiting transportation to Australia, but the hulks were unable to go to sea, having been stripped of their masts, rigging and rudders, and instead fitted with prison cells. The records will be of use to family and social historians, and anyone with an interest in the UK penal system.
Hello, I too am searching for any available information regarding male convicts held onboard the Irish hulk Essex.
Hi I am seeking information on William Knox who was on Retribution in 1817, before being transported to Van Dieman’s land.
Hi, hoping you can hep with information on where convicts sentenced to life at York Assizes, 1 Aug 1829, transported to VDL on Bussorah Merchant, Oct 1829 would be held, as in which hulk. AUSTRALIAN MILITARY HISTORY BOOKS: Boer War, World War I, First World War, World War II, Second World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, Army, RAAF, Air Force, RAN and Navy. Author: published by the Australian War Memorial 1950 with text, map and black & white photos. Publisher: published looseleaf by the Australian War Memorial 1950 from information and material from RAN and RAAF sources. Condition:Unbound 8 double-page insert with 2 metal staples, inserted into the publication AS YOU WERE 1950, robust with water stains INTACT, in GOOD Minus condition.

Condition:Crisp paperback, STRAIGHT, TIGHT & CLEAN in VERY GOOD CONDITION with no inscriptions. Description: Pre-history, The French colony, History of Vietnam, The Geneva Conference 1954,The National Liberation Front, Escalation of war, Australia's commitment, Historical documents, interpretations by Rt. Condition:Printed blue hardcover with title to spine, no inscriptions, STRAIGHT, TIGHT & CLEAN in GOOD CONDITION with very minor cover-wear. Condition:Very large 814 page softcover, STRAIGHT & TIGHT in GOOD CONDITION without a dj, with an "EX-LIBRIS" name plate to the front endpaper, slight ageing to robust pages. Description: This sweeping account draws on hundreds of unpublished sources and interviews with soldiers, politicians, medical practitioners, aid providers, entertainers and the Vietnamese people to reconstruct the history of Australia in the 10-year Vietnamese War. Condition:Illustrated softcover with title to spine & front cover, very slight rubbing to spine & corners, CLEAN & TIGHT in GOOD CONDITION, with previous owner's name to front endpaper. Title: WWII World War Two AUSTRALIA in 1939 by Johnston Pre-War & WW2 HISTORY PHOTOS & analysis of 1939 in Australia.
Condition:Card-bound softcover , gilt title to spine & illustrated front cover, very slight rubbing to spine & corners, CLEAN & TIGHT in GOOD CONDITION with rubbing and edgewear and a few marks to page edges. Condition:Dark Green cloth-bound hardcover with bright silver title to spine, minimal edgewear, CLEAN & TIGHT in VERY GOOD CONDITION, previous owner's name to front endpaper, in an unclipped GOOD DUSTJACKET with very slight edgewear. Description: Moving, gripping and exciting, Peter FitzSimons has written a masterful account of this iconic campaign that will ensure all Australians can understand what a small band of Australian troops achieved high in the New Guinea jungle - and marvel at it.
In this compelling volume, leading historians explore why 1942 was such a pivotal year in Australia's history, and explain how the nation confronted some of its greatest challenges. A hulk is a decommissioned ship that is either technologically out of date or cannot make it through the open sea without taking on water, but is still able to float without problems.

The first prison hulks in England appeared after a 1776 act allowed them to be used to house prisoners. Those covered are: Bellerophon, Captivity, Coromandel, Cumberland, Discovery, Dolphin, Establishment, Euryalus, Fortitude, Ganymede, Hardy, Justitia, Laurel, Leviathan, Perseus, Portland, Prudentia, Retribution, Warrior, and York (pictured). Disease was rife and spread quickly as there was no way to separate the sick from the healthy in the cramped conditions. They detail the rather bleak conditions that those who fell foul of the law would have found themselves in.
I have a relative who was a steward on the above vessel and am looking for any information regarding this. We are proud of our reputation for careful customer service, with efficient packing & shipping world-wide. There were many of these ships available when engines started to power ships instead of sails, so the hulks were moored in harbors and used as floating prisons or for other purposes. Australia 1942 provides a unique and in-depth exploration of the controversy surrounding the potential for invasion.
Japanese and Australian historians offer perspectives on Japanese military intentions and strategies towards Australia and the south Pacific.
Generously illustrated, it is essential reading for anyone interested in one of Australia's most decisive and critical years.

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