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Many books have an entire history of their own and are more than just words written on a collection of pages. Remember appraisers provide a paid service, and this is why it is best to save them for a last resort. If after finding the estimated value you still want to continue with selling your vintage books, it is important to determine what condition they are in. It is very important to assess your used book's condition as fairly as possible when selling it online. Now that you have a feeling for your book's worth and condition, it is time to choose where to sell it. If you feel that your books are worth more than such websites offer, then you can also use an online auction website. Ever since the printing of the first book in 1456, people around the world have been collecting these bound stacks of paper.
Not so long ago, we held our very first sweepstakes where folks could enter to win a free eBay store redesign and that winner was Dash Dot Books!
A visit to their new storefront redesign and you’ll see Dash Dot Books offers new and used books and merchandise at exceptional prices!
With a 99.7 percent excellent feedback rating from their customers, Dash Dot Books new storefront is full of eBay must haves, graphic imagery and important why buys!
At the very top of the storefront, we utilized their logo and an attractive brown hue for their top navigation bar where shoppers can learn more about this eBay retailer, read their shipping policies and feedback, contact the seller or view all listings.
Next comes what we at OC Designs Online call eBay store design “must-haves”—an easy to use search the store tool—it’s important to offer lots of ways for online shoppers to find exactly want they want within your ecommerce store! The welcome box depicts the store’s mission, enticing imagery and an easy to see (and click on) shop now button.  Shoppers also learn they offer 24 hour shipping and free shipping on selected items—again important why buy from us elements.

The left sidebar begins with a store category list where shoppers can browse everything from books to clothes to DVDs to electronics and more! The mid-section of this eBay store design is full of shop by category clickable boxes with enticing imagery and below that is their featured products section—again with clickable boxes for easy shopping.
What’s essential in all eBay store designs is continuity and we did just that with the brown hues in store categories, featured products, top and bottom navigation bars and on the sidebar. We’re happy for Dash Dot Books and once again, congratulations on winning our free eBay store redesign giveaway!
Are you an ecommerce retailer—eBay or on another platform and are looking for store customization? This history may lead book collectors and avid readers to ponder what their vintage or antique books are worth. A buyer may request a refund if they feel that you have misrepresented the book's condition.
It takes much more time and effort to create and manage your own listing, but if demand is high, it can be worth it. Fromclassic children's books to vintage cookbooks, you can find exactly what you are looking for by using the search box located on every page. While most books are no longer worth much money, anyone could have a rare and valuable book tucked away in their collection.
Owners Robert and Carol are now boasting a fantastic new eBay store design and not only did we want to announce their transformation—we wanted all of you to see it! As they state: “Our goal is to provide our customers with what they want—in a fast, well packaged transaction.
To the right of the navigation bar, shoppers learn instantly that Dash Dot Books is PayPal Verified!

At the bottom of this eBay store redesign for our sweepstakes winners Robert and Carol, we included a mini sitemap and repeating logo for brand building.
Shoppers remember graphics and imagery and now that Dash Dot Books has a customized eBay store design, online shoppers will remember these colorful and engaging elements and know they’re back at the right eBay retailer from memorable imagery, colors and graphics. If so, feel free to browse our portfolio and then contact us for a quote so OC Designs Online can turn your ecommerce storefront into something engaging, welcoming and an online venue where shoppers will come back—again and again!
There are many databases where one can input the book's title, author, and publisher, and the website provides the estimated retail value. Authenticity is important when buying vintage books, however, so make sure to only purchase from merchants with high feedback scores. Luckily, several online databases can tell you the value of your book, and many online marketplaces make it easy to sell it. Selling books online is actually quite easy, although one may be disappointed to find out that their old books are not worth as much as they had hoped.
This means that you only receive a percentage of what the book is worth, but you also do not have to apply any effort to sell it.
For those hoping to make a few extra bucks, however, several online marketplaces make it easy to sell vintage books. After receiving this quote, you typically have two week to print out a packing slip and pre-paid shipping label. Mail off your books, and the website either deposits the money into your bank account or mails you a check.

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