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Eager to see the world and leave behind their small Georgia hometown, they’d planned for an exciting new life together after they finished school. She loves unlikely pairings, strong women, sexy guys, hot love scenes and just enough conflict to make it interesting. I started the book determined to hate Flynn all the way through for abandoning his family, but somewhere along the line I began to hope for happiness between these two. She has an adorable daughter that she’I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a beautifully executed romance that managed to change around all my preconceived notions about Flynn and Ali from the previous book. She has an adorable daughter that she’s raised on her own because she didn’t reach out to tell the ex for abandoned her that she was pregnant. When a funeral brings Flynn back to town, it’s very obvious that now’s the time for Ali to come clean about her daughter’s father.
Just as lucky for her, Flynn has never actually stopped loving her.These two are adorable in an almost high school way. Where they end up is so much better than where they would have been had he stayed, so I’m ok with everyone forgiving him. Three Chicks Feb 15, 2015Review by Natasha GentileWhen I read the blurb I was caught right away. Little did he know that when he would be meeting the reporter for the school's paper she would bring along her friend. It all started with a look and in the end a look is all it takes, right?Review by Natasha GentileWhen I read the blurb I was caught right away.

It all started with a look and in the end a look is all it takes, right?And with that history was made.
The friendship quickly escalated to love and let's be honest, at 16 you think that you will be with that person forever.
They had all their plans laid out for them; go away to college together, travel the world together, get away from their small town.
Flynn would not be stuck in this little town no matter if he left his heart there.Eight years later, eight long years later, Flynn is coming back to town.
Actually it’s an eight year old problem!When he comes face to face with Ali and her eight-year-old daughter, he is shocked and utterly speechless. It was about second chances, trying again, forgiveness, hope and finding compromises in situations that seem hopeless and final.Ali and Flynn were inseparable in highschool. Flynn wanted to leave Burton, travel and work as a photographer and Ali was supposed to go with him. But she changed her mind and wanted to stay at home and help her brother Sam with their farm.
And Flynn disappereared the next day and didn't come back for nine years.Nine years and one divorce later Ali is a mother to eight year old girl. Because he didn't even know about her.Nine years later Flynn comes back to bury his father. He doesn't want to stay in Burton for long, but when Ali finally tells him that he's a father he decides to stay for a while.There were some things that I didn't really get in the book.

Yes, she was a bit sceptical in the beginning but after a while she warmed up to him rather quickly too.They never really talked about past. There were some talks, but they were short and never seemed to resolve anything.If somehing like this happened to me I'd be furious. I'd never be understanding or even trying to take the blame (well, it was partly his fault, but still).
And if I were Ali I'd make him grovel more, I'd make him prove himself that he's not going to leave again. Sometimes I thought it was bit rushed and that there was a lot of pretending that the past never happened but most of the times it felt natural and real life-ish.I liked that it showed that you can have your happy ending. That a real love is worth waiting for.Another thing: what is the obssession in USA about homeschooling? I really don't believe that parents could teach their children everything they'd learn in highschool and what about social interaction? Won't the child be lonely and shy or socialy awkward around other kids and adults later on?

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