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I had just started college a week or so before, and I was sitting at a desk in my first college-level French class the morning of the attacks. I was at work sitting in a car listening to WPOC when they broke off with the breaking news of a plane hitting the WTC. My co-workers and I started walking down the 20 flights of stairs to the basement shopping area. Cell phone coverage was spotty, but I was able to reconnect with my parents and let them know I was ok. I was asleep in Tucson, AZ when my husband came running in, woke me up, and told me a plane had flown into one of the towers, I rushed out to the living room just as the second tower was hit, I could not believe what I was seeing. I was in a staff meeting when someone knocked on the conference room door and announced that a plane had the the WTC. I was already well into my day when my asisistant arrived, saying that a plane had hit the WTC. Dave Rosenthal came to The Baltimore Sun as a business reporter in 1987 and now is the Maryland Editor. All you need to know about the macabre master including Poe-themed events, photos, video and a trivia quiz. Stan Lee, The Avengers, DC's Bronze Age and Mad's Spy vs Spy top reading list of books about comic books.
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It's way too early to think about Christmas, but there has been a slew of excellent books about comics released in the past few weeks. Here are some looks at books that every comic lover in your life will want to see under the tree. This new book collects 150 of those comic strips that were born out of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, colors them and presents them in a fancy format. The real treat in the 10 all-new Spy vs Spy tribute posters drawn and colored by some of the greats of the comics business including Jim Lee; Darwyn Cooke, Peter Bagge and the Hernandez Brothers. The Avengers Encyclopedia (DK, $40) comes along at just the right time as Marvel Comics goes through some growing pains.

The book, the work of five authors, is the latest official encyclopedia of the Avengers.
The book also mixes in villains along with the heroes, so look for the Green Goblin, Bullseye, Ultron and a ton of other bad guys getting their pages. One of the more interesting passages is for the all-but-forgotten fill-in Ant-Man named Eric O'Grady, who went between being a villain and a hero before he was killed. Of course the big attraction of the book is the amazing artwork by tons of talented artists showing off different versions of the characters. Former DC Publisher Paul Levitz, who wrote some amazing comics himself over the years, dives into DC's mid-life crisis years. To be fair, in the 1960s DC comics were written many of the same guys who wrote them in the 1940s and their idea of what the younger generation liked was woefully out of date.
In the bronze age, DC recognized that it had fallen out of step with its readers and took measures to correct it, which they did. The 400-page book is text light and art heavy, with hundreds of beautiful color renderings of the company's most famous covers and internal pages. A few minutes after going inside to the TV, the second plane came into view and hit the 2nd tower. My sister called me on my cellphone and I got a black and white TV out of my cupboard so we could watch the coverage.
Across the terminal I could see a television in one of the bar areas but could hear no audio. He reads a wide range of books (but never as many as he'd like), usually alternating between non-fiction and fiction. Artist Colleen Doran illustrates Stan's life beautifully but a huge amount of credit for the success of this book goes to Stan's co-author, Peter David, one of the best writers in comics. The artists were given carte blanche to re-imagine the characters and some (like Jim Lee) went way off the rails. Instead of a simple A to Z format, it separates the characters into groups like "Greatly Gifted," characters who were born with, or developed great powers, like The Hulk, Spider-Man and Quicksilver.

This was a time when Marvel was relishing its place as the comic publisher known for new ideas and being in touch with the younger generation. My friends and I used to laugh at DC's attempts to use "hip" language, attempts that were totally embarrassing.
There is a large portion of the book devoted to the two men most responsible for dragging DC kicking and screaming into the modern world -- writer Dennis O'Neil and artist Neal Adams. Every single TV in the entire school was turned on my the end of the day and all classes were cancelled.
I saw the first plane hit the tower and thought the plane had experienced some sort of malfunction that sent it so far off course and then into a building. Other groupings include "Upgraded," for characters like Iron Man and Ant-Man who developed scientific or technological powers and "More Than Mortal," which covers the various god-like and non-human characters like Thor, Thanos and Ultron.
These guys took Batman from being a joke, a leftover from the ridiculous television show, into the true creature of the night he was always meant to be. This is an incredible book for anyone who lived through the Bronze Age and saw DC heroes reach maturity and a must for those who are too young.
The full-color shots of the devastation in New York are guaranteed to send a chill up your spine. I continued to walk toward the bar so I could hear the newscast and then I saw the second plane hit. It's also a great book for people who don't have the tens of thousands of dollars it would take to buy the comic books today.
There's much less about the Pentagon attack and the crash of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, which is a shame.
And the aftermath of the attacks -- the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the hunt for Osama bin Laden -- is given short shrift.

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