Books to read aloud to your child

When my son started back at school this year as a second grader, his teacher requested parents send in any chapter books they would like to donate.
I headed to Savers with the hopes of finding common titles that other parents might also send in and came out with a whole basket full (and super cute basket, might I add, that was just $2!) of great books! Savers is a great place to find books for your own home collection or to donate to schools!
My third grader and I spent all of second grade reading every Narnia book in order, and over the summer we read The Hobbit. I’m going to start off by saying Runaway Ralph has been a favorite of mine for years. One of our favorites, especially nearing Thanksgiving, is the Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare.
I chose a collection of some of my favorite chapter books and picture books for second grade read alouds. I researched lists from 2nd grade teachers and I wanted to warn you that my list leans a little towards chapter books and multicultural picture books to reflect their country studies. Set during the Reconstruction Era, freed slaves are finally able to go to school and Virgie, a girl, wants this privilege as well.
In second grade at our elementary school, the students study three countries: China, Ghana and Mexico. My son said that it was a read aloud in third grade last year, but I remember reading this with my girls in second grade as their first introduction to historical fiction.
My son said that they read a few Roald Dahl books in 2nd grade including Matilda and Fantastic Mr. Another favorite Dahl book of mine that is lesser know but makes a great read aloud is Danny The Champion of the World. I am an Amazon affiliate which means if you buy anything through my blog, I get a very small kickback at no cost to you. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Great list, personal fan of Jackie’s books and my oldest was a big fan of anything Dahl.
She was looking to add to her reading group books and needed to collect groups of 7 books of each title to have enough copies to create a reading group. We picked out over 30 books including a Big Nate book, which is my son’s absolute favorite series!

There is nothing like a real book (not a tablet)…oh and I was in LOVE with Judy Blume books! I used to have students come back to sit and listen to me read it again, even though they were in another class.
She can read shorter books on her own, but would love the stories in chapter books if we read them together. My daughter is into them now, and it’s nice that she is enjoying something that I loved as a child myself!
Truth be told, I don’t really remember exactly what books my kids were read to in the classroom during 2nd grade. She’s starting seventh grade this fall, but she will still ask me to buy every new Clementine book that comes out.
Piggle Wiggle as a child so I was so happy to see that other 2nd grade teachers also use this series as a read aloud! The adventures of an arrogant and cold-hearted beloved toy china rabbit as he learns about fear, humility, and ultimately love. She actually wants to be there and she finds a way to connect education with what life is really like for the Athabascans in Alaska during 1948.
Fox but I chose Matilda because almost every third grade kid in PickyKidPix’s class raved about it because they thought it was so funny!
I plan on sharing it with my 2nd grade teachers (I am a principal) as well as my wife, also a 2nd grade teacher. My 6th grader, PickyKidPix, still wants to read every new Clementine as they come out as she still loves them! I really loved What the Moon Saw; it just came out but it touches on so many different elements in one moving book!
We just made our first trip to the library for this school year and had such a hard time picking books on my oldest’s 2nd grade level. We found three copies of Charlotte’s Web and a few duplicate copies of the other titles on our list.
She started reading Charlotte’s Web aloud to the class after he brought in a his book donations and told my son that it was her very favorite book! When you’re ready to unload some of your own excess and no longer needed items, they gladly accept donations.
It is a very special time in the evening right before bed with freshly brushed teeth and clean body for he and I to snuggle on his bed reading 15-20 minutes every night.

Clementine is spunky heroine who gets in a little bit of trouble despite herself, reminiscent of Ramona The Pest, but at an easier reading level. Sam gets lucky money for Chinese New Year from his grandparents and wants to spend it in Chinatown.
By creating materials of her own, she finds a way to teach each and every one of the kids, including learning sign language to help a hearing impaired child. I think the length and the large amount of dialogue made it a challenge for some of my students.
We can have a big impact on our children and their learning by reading with them and to them. I buy books second hand all the time because you can find so many great titles for really inexpensive and build a library pretty easily that way. I picked up all the most common titles we could find and sent them in with my son to donate to his classroom. I love those books as they are fact filled and based around learning, but the kids still love to read them because of all the big interesting pictures and fun fact bubbles and jokes that line the pages.
I know I will add Runaway Ralph, Charlotte’s Web, and Judy Blume’s Fudge books! My kids never got into them but I LOVED them as a child and I worried that they were too old fashioned for kids these days!
In the Phoenix valley, donations made at Savers supports Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona!
I love to travel and have been known for planning trips specifically to hit the roller coasters! From quiltmakers to wordsmiths, the Woodson women were indomitable, showing their family the way. It’s an easy way to clear up out the unused clutter in your home and be giving back to your community!
I am thankful for that because I would not have pushed forward to be an author along with my accounting career and I wouldn’t of been a blogger!.

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