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It is the sequel to Yergin’s Pulitzer prize-winning The Prize, about the global oil industry (I have a soft copy if anyone is interested in the history of the industry). We know about renewable energy and energy efficiency, but what about the four day week as a low-carbon initiative? Interesting article by one of the authors of the 1972 Limits to Growth on the failure of democratic governments to change the direction of societies, with a preference for making short-term decisions. It touches upon various issues relating to MRV – particularly in the context of NAMA’s. Discussions move to institutional architecture, developing country capabilities, and concludes by reiterating the complexity of designing flexibly but standardised approaches to MRV.
It is a nice site for general adaptation references as well as what’s happening from time to time. The risk profile of  a developing  country increases the cost of capital for renewable energy projects, which in turn  increases the required tariff and widens the price differential between electricity from renewable sources and fossil fuels. A little dated but still relevant: a great way of presenting data that forces us to rethink our reconceived notions development.

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It’s a great article in that it seeks to integrate visual information on climate impacts, and both adaptation and mitigation – at the local level. Concerning that not much progress has been made since he co-authored the Limits to Growth over 40 years ago. The ERC is a multi-disciplinary energy research centre, housed in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the University of Cape Town.

Some highlights for me were on “bridging the gap between formalized analytical models and fuzzy social realities” and a set of “conceptual requirements of a scenario based process”. The want to show not only 4-D visuals of impacts, but also “the cumulative impacts of low-carbon development”. They are also refreshingly candid in saying that old IPCC scenarios, without action, are not good enough. Read this if you’re interested in: fair shares, adaptation-mitigation nexus,   scenario-based processes, visualisation, and local action!

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