Brain powerd capitulo 5

Brain Powered tells the story of ex-Reclaimer Yuu Isami, who escapes Orphan and meets a girl named Hime. The cause of this is known as "Orphan," a mysterious organic alien vessel located far beneath the ocean. Those who support Orphan (people who are willing to sacrifice all life on Earth for their own benefit and safety) and those willing to fight against Orphan.

They join forces with Novis Noah and journey to find out the truth about Orphan in a race against time to prevent the Earth's annihilation.
Orphan has the intentions of destroying Earth, and acquires a select few of humanity to support it and save themselves. Orphan's forces come in the form of the Reclaimers, who are people that pilot organic mecha called Grand Chers.

Opposing the threat of Orphan and the Reclaimers are the crew of the battleship Novis Noah, who combat them with organic machines called Brain Powered's.

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