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A makeup starter kit guide or blog post would have helped me so much back then, and would have kept me from wasting my money on a foundation that was way too dark (and way too dewy), a clumpy waterproof mascara, and chalky eyeshadows. I’ve received quite a few emails and messages from readers who would like to start dipping their toes into the makeup and beauty world, and all of them have asked me what my product recommendations are for makeup newbies. Being a beauty blogger, I’ve tried and tested my fair share of makeup products (budget-friendly and high-end). Very similar to the original Smashbox Photo Finish Primer but for a fraction of the price, this silicone-based primer smoothes the skin and blurs pores, creating a velvety canvas for your foundation.  Suitable for all skin types, Baby Skin Primer will also help your foundation to last a bit longer than usual. Top Tip: Remember a buffing brush (like this one and this one) will give you medium to full coverage, and a dampened makeup sponge (like this one and this one) will give you lighter coverage with a natural finish.
Top Tip: You can create your own tinted moisturiser or BB cream by mixing a drop or two of foundation with your daily moisturiser. Best affordable setting powder I have ever used!  The Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder immediately smoothes and softens the texture of the skin, and helps control oil. I bought this bronzer on a whim last year and it has really become a firm favourite in the drugstore bronzer department.  A good bronzer can take your makeup look from flat and dull, to tanned and glowy. Another option is the essence Shading Powder (R57,95), which includes a neutral-toned bronzer shade and a shimmery highlight shade.  The bronzer shade is quite pigmented and I would suggest using a fluffy brush with a very light hand to apply it. Multi-Tasker: Your bronzer can double up as a matte eyeshadow shade to define the crease of your eye. If you prefer a matte blush, then the new essence Matt Touch Blush (R47,95) or the essence Silky Touch Blush (R47,95) is definitely worth checking out. Multi-Tasker: Your face highlighter can also be used as a shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid, or an inner corner highlight to brighten up the eyes. Eye makeup is by far the trickiest thing when you’re starting out with makeup, so an eyeshadow palette is the perfect way to practice and experiment with different eyeshadows.
Wet n Wild eyeshadows are very pigmented, velvety smooth, and very similar in texture & finish to Stila eyeshadows. Multi-Tasker: Running an eyeliner along the upper waterline (inside of the upper lash line) is called tight lining, and it makes your lashes look longer and fuller. If you could buy only 1 product on this whole starter kit list, then mascara is definitely it. If you feel the Lash Sensational Mascara is a bit too pricey for you, then I would also highly recommend the essence Multi-Action Mascara (R47,95) – amaaaaaazing formula, it separates and bulks up the lashes, plus the pigmentation is super black.
You can’t go wrong with these essence lip liners, especially with a price tag of under R20,00!  A lip liner is a great way to define your lips and increase the longevity of your lipstick. For a makeup beginner, lipstick is probably the easiest way to play and experiment with different colours, finishes and looks. I really wanted to recommend the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters but I recently discovered they have been discontinued!  WHYYYYYYY!?  Why do brands discontinue the products that we love so much? Lip gloss is an excellent way to add colour and shine to your lips without dealing with the maintenance of a lipstick. And there you have it!  A makeup starter kit suitable for all budgets, and all of these products have a special place in my current makeup collection.

I hope you found this blog post to be helpful?  Please share this with family and friends who you know are looking to start their own makeup kit.
Also, let me know what would be in your makeup starter kit in the comments down below…I’d love to hear!  Or please recommend affordable products that you have tried, tested and loved so that my readers have more options available to them. I’ve added a high-end version of this blog post to my list of blog posts that I want to write during the next few weeks.
Finally I set over the top with MAC’s Clear Brow Set, which is basically clear mascara. I was browsing through yesterday and fell upon this particular post and thought I’d give it a go even though I was (or I thought I was) pretty satisfied with my contouring and eyebrow routine.
Although its true that we trust our beauty parlour, wouldn’t it be magical if we could thread our own eyebrows ? In Arab countries, Eyebrow threading is commonly known as Bande Abru, which translates to ‘eyebrow band.’ Other Arabic words used to describe this procedure include Fatlah or Khite. Many celebrities use eyebrow threading over other hair removal methods for the brows because this procedure leaves straight and tidy lines. Hold your hands, palms facing each other at shoulder wide, this is the length of thread you will need.
In parlours, the beautician shapes your eyebrows one by one, but when you are threading your own eyebrows its best to do both eyebrows together, area wise. Threading is the best form of hair removal for face, since shaving hurts the skin, and waxing makes the face skin loose. Do use ice or soothing creams or astringent once you are done, it might burn, but that just shows its working. Ah, I’ve never tried this at home, but you’ve explained it so well here, that I have to do that now!
I used to have a room partner who used to do her threading and upper lips herself.I want to learn to do my upper lips atleast, too scared to do my eyebrows on my own. Still on eyebrow topic, i have very thin sparse eyebrow and almost invisible eyelashes ?? cause they are a very light brown, anyways…any tip for helping or home medicine for the eyebrow hair goes fuller?? Alexandra – I tried my best best to explain it, do try it and let us know how it was! This is a very common problem, righties won’t be able to do their left eyebrows properly (and vice versa) unless they are reeeeeally good at threading. Little worried about shaping the eyebrows by myself as once i spoiled the shape and was horrible.
Girl PRO Conceal HD Concealer to conceal the areas where I need it most (under the eyes, redness and dark marks), set it with powder, and I’m out the door! You can apply it wet for a more intense and dramatic effect (just use eye drops or a makeup setting spray to dampen your angled makeup brush) or dry for a softer look.
For your first lip liner, I suggest choosing a shade that is similar to your natural lip colour. Very informative and definitely a great help for the newbie makeup lovers as well as people looking to add some great tried and tested products to their stash.

Perhaps also a “beginners” foundation post where you talk about everything there is to know for all the skin types? You can use whatever brown eyeshadow you already own, but just make sure that it’s a matt texture. If you have very unruly brows, you could also spray a little hairspray onto a clean mascara wand and comb the brows into place.
Turns out I was in a rut with my routine and I could not be happier with my brows and cheekbones today! The brow is essentially better defined through use of this hair removal method, and it is easier to shape the brow with this method.
Try the upper lip, chin and cheeks, and get better control of the thread, before your move on to the critical eyebrows. Threading can be painful for persons with sensitive skin, but trust me on this one, the result is well worth the redness and the pain. Its all about how you shape it, so you might want to try to shape it a bit lower next time. I do my own upperlips and after finishing my upperlip, there is a small hurt on my thumb or the little finger…which is ok. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated.
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I’ve been complimented and told that I look fresh and chic today, and I can say that it is due to the change!
The hard part about learning to thread your own eyebrows is not threading, its SHAPING your eyebrows.
Getting cuts is a side effect of threading ?? No way to avoid them, but you can use a surgical tape, just put a small tape on your fingers where you are likely to cut them. Cotton thread comes at around Rs.30 for 300m , which will last at least about a year if 1 or 2 persons are using.
Girl HD PRO Primer Eyeshadow Stick is available in 3 shades – Nude (pictured above), White (to really make colourful eyeshadows pop) and Black (to intensify darker eyeshadows). Now choose one hand, say right hand, and touch move your 2 fingers such that the twisted area whisks the hair and pulls it out. This will happen by touching your 2 fingers to each other, and then spreading it apart, and so on.

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