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The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Dupe is…Maybelline’s Define-a-Brow Pencil! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. All New Zealand orders over 3kg will be charged at cost - we will email you after you complete your order. The Brow Styler also comes with a convenient spoolie brush on one end which is great for running through the brows to soften up any hard lines. This looks great, I’m not sure I’d be able to justify spending so much on a brow pencil though! Thank you for this – my mom is always searching for the perfect brow pencil, I think I’ll get her this one in her stocking!
About meI’m in my early 30s and can talk about beauty products to a detail that would bore even the most seasoned beautyholics. COLOR SHOW® NAIL LACQUERChip Free Nail Color, Straight from the Shows in 48 ShadesMAKEUP TIPSGet the latest makeup looks with Maybelline's exclusive tips and tutorials for your eyes, face, lips & nails. EYESTUDIO® BROW DRAMA™Tinted gel mousse + ball brushEYE STUDIO® COLOR TATTOO® LEATHERCream eye shadow. It breaks when sharpening, then if you're lucky enough to get enough showing to apply, it breaks when applying.

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After breaking and losing too many inches of pencils from poor pencil sharpening skills, I went out looking for the ultimate brow pencil. It’s an ashy, mid-dark brown which blends in easily with my naturally black brow hairs. Even without any other make-up on, I feel so much more polished and presentable with my brows shaded in.
I’m particularly keen on products that do good things in the long run… and I detest mineral oil.
Makeup artist Gabriel Almodovar will show you quick and easy ways to go from clean and luminous to dangerously magnetic with our new Color Tattoo Metals collection. Let mega-luscious, soft yet dense lashes lead the way and show you how done up eyes can carry any mood. When using as a brow filler, fill in and extend your brow shape by following your natural arch with short, feather-like strokes. I thought maybe it was just a fluke and bought another package but the same thing happened.

What I needed was a perfectly neutral brown shade with no red tones, a lead which doesn’t crumble on the skin and a fine tip which will never require sharpening. The lead is slightly dry and matte (it’s somewhere between waxy and powdery), which makes it perfect for sketching into sparse areas without looking drawn on. I’m not sure it would look particularly natural on very blonde eyebrows, but I can see it suiting all brows mousy and upwards.
I just moved back to London (with a baby!) after 4 years in New York and San Francisco and am slowly getting used to being back. This blog is for anyone who can relate to the experience of wanting the most information about looking and feeling good. I’m pleased to report that I found all this in the Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Styler. Unlike the Dior Powder Brow Pencil which was an old favourite of mine, there’s minimal fallout from the lead. I have used this pencil for about 35 years the same every day.since the packaging has changed.

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