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My eyebrow routine doesn’t change very often; I tend to stick to powders to fill them in, as I find them quick, easy and long-lasting. The Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil has a brown pencil on one end and a convenient spooly brush on the other end. The pencil itself has a soft wax consistency and, at first, it comes out very faint, but you can build up the colour and make it look more intense. Despite the negatives, I love the way my eyebrows look when I fill them in with the Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil!
My fail-safe method of filling in my brows is using Mac Carbon eyeshadow on an angled brush; you can watch me do it step-by-step on camera.
Overall I would recommend the Billion Dollar Universal Brow Pencil if you’re used to having to set your eyebrows with a gel. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
But when I placed an order on BeautyBay for my Zoeva Brushes, I was pleasantly surprised at the checkout when I was asked to choose a free gift, and I didn’t even think twice before choosing this brow pencil; even though I just said I tend to choose powders for my brows, I was keen to give this a try!

As the name suggests, there is only one shade, which is meant to suit all skin tones and hair colours, but I really doubt that is the case in real life. I really like this, as it allows me to lightly fill in my eyebrows and work my way up, if I want them to be more defined. I also like using the Benefit Brow Zings kit, especially when I’m travelling, as it is compact and handy. I feel this would suit most brunettes and dirty blondes, but it might be a bit too dark for lighter blondes. Would you be able to incorporate this brow pencil into a ‘get ready with me video’ or something so we can see how you use it as I always struggle with brow pencils! The packaging feels quite flimsy and the twist-up mechanism of the pencil is so loose that it twists itself down whilst I’m using the pencil, which can be rather frustrating. However, I’m not a big fan of the soft wax consistency – it comes off way too easily when I gently touch or run my fingers through my brows, and the product does not set or ‘hardens’ regardless of how long I’ve left them on my brows.
I think the medium ash brown colour suits my skin colour really well and it softens my facial features.

If my brows are looking quite presentable naturally, I use the Soap & Glory Archery, which takes little to no time at all, but it doesn’t look quite so good when I want a strong brow look. But if you have been quite happy with filling in your brows with powder, I would think twice before getting this pencil, as the short longevity of your perfect-looking brows can be quite frustrating, and at ?17 a pop, this is not a cheap ‘give it a go and see how it goes’ purchase. Ideally, I could set my brows in place with a brow gel, but that’s not something I’ve ever had to do when I fill in my brows with powder, so I wasn’t keen on adding an extra step to my already long makeup routine. It won’t an be an everyday occurrence, as I still prefer powders, but the pencil will definitely get used.

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