Brow pencil with fibers

Long-wearing, ultra-thin pencil that colors, defines, and shapes your brows with natural-looking color. These PRO Brow Pencils are so versatile: you can easily color and shape brows with natural-looking, hair-like strokes, or go for more intensity with long, dramatic strokes to create a perfectly shaped, defined, bold brow. I love that there is a brow brush attached, a brush is a must-have to blend in and soften the brow color for a natural finish.
Such striking lashes look best with simple, groomed make-up – frame your face even more by defining and strengthening your brows with the softest shade of Brow Pencil you can wear. I naturally have rather thick and full brows but there are a few small gaps in between that look gives an uneven look sometimes.
The shade Ebony is a blackened taupe shade that is neither brown not quite black but a mixture of both with a bit grey thrown in.
Clean, groomed and defined brows go a long way in giving a polished look to the face and this Maxfactor eye brow pencil does its job excellently! I wanted to get this but now am planning to get the TBS eye brow definer… u have very nice brown ankita. I recently bought this brow pencil after I read through your makeup breakdown in various reviews and saw that you used this brow pencil.

Create the perfect frame for your face with this long-wearing, ultra-thin pencil that colors, defines, and shapes your brows with natural-looking color. Today I’m reviewing my favorite eye brow pencil ~  Maxfactor Eye brow pencil in shade Ebony.
I love clean defined brows and I used to use the brown eye shadow from the Maybelline chai latte quad as a brow fill till I stumbled upon this product. Eyebrow pencils ideally should be a little stiff in texture otherwise one ends up with too much product sticking to the brow hair which looks really untidy. The attached brush makes it ideal for travel as well as you don’t need to carry a separate brush along to tame your unruly brows. It has a soft yet stiff texture that makes it easy to apply, it stays all day and doesn’t create a mess when rubbed. I wanted a good but easy on pocket eyebrow pencil since one or other of my eyebrows always get messed up!!
I too have the same issue with my eyebrows – thick brows overall but to define the arch I use this pencil. The fine tip allows for tiny, precise hair-like strokes and the attached brow brush combs through brow hairs to shape and groom.

Apply using light, short strokes to fill in sparse areas, enhance fullness and create the perfect brow shape.
Maxfactor eye brow pencil comes in a navy wooden packaging and has a small brow grooming brush in the cap which is what makes this product so useful! It is decently pigmented and the slightly stiff texture ensures that one doesn’t end up with very dark *daaku* brows in a single swipe! The best part is that it comes with a tiny grooming brush that is very useful when traveling. I use very light pressure small strokes just to fill out the gaps in my brows and the result is even, dark brows that frame the face well. This specially formulated PRO Brow Pencil glides on without skipping or tugging for a super smooth application every time. Its a little difficult to tell whether its still there or not as my brows are naturally full but when I remove my make up in the night, I do get the product on the cleanser soaked cotton so I can say that it stays put throughout the day.

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