Brow powder duo blonde

I haven't been this excited about a product range since we launched the Real Techniques brushes last year.
I do eyebrows very last… I use the Anastasia filler shadow to define and darken the entire brow, and then the MAC pencil for hard to reach areas like the start of the brow. I have just emptied all my bedroom drawers out looking for those stencils (which were lurking there forever!!!).

I also brush it out a bit with an eyebrow brush at the end, to prevent it from looking too crayon like. My brows are far from perfect, but I found that using both a shadow and pencil works the best for me.
You can of course adjust the amount you apply, less for a more natural look and more for a more done up look.

I loved Sephora own brand brow trio, but they have discontinued it (at least in Poland) and I haven't found any good substitute for suiting my ash blonde tones.

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