Brow power? super skinny jeans

My brows are one of my favorite features—despite the torture of over-tweezing back in my teenage years, these lush beauties persevered and grew back in full force.
These waterproof brow pencils are like the old and beloved Brow Power pencils, but as the name implies, they are super skinny. These pencils have a slightly harder consistency that gives you better control of how much product you apply and the depth of color.
I am a very dark haired brunette with almost black eyebrows and I got to test Universal Dark Brown and Universal Gray. Wow these look great, I really like the medium brown, I feel like that’s a perfect match for me, and I’ve always liked IT Cosmetics too so I will have to check these out! It's great when it comes to legs, armpits, and all the other places you might want to shave, but when it concerns my brows it means I have to do some major filling-in to get them looking as full as I like.For almost five years, I've been a strict brow-powder-only gal. The skinny pencil lets me feather the strokes in a very natural way.The spoolie on the end is bonus.
I'd never found a brow pencil that could give me the same natural-looking effect and ease of use my trusty taupe-colored powder (and an angled brush) could.
The trial-and-error situation gets even harder when you only have a handful of choices — all of which are typically nowhere near your actual complexion shade.

Thanks to IT Cosmetics and their latest edition of Brow Power Super Skinny–it’s now easier than ever to fake what your mama gave you! From 80’s Brooke Shields to 40’s Joan Crawford, IT Cosmetics Brow Power Super Skinny ($24) has got you covered! This pencil blends seamlessly and matches my brow hair as well as the Universal Dark Brown. Or worse, they didn't match my almost-black brow hairs (is it just me or do brunette brow shades always veer on the orange side?).
I tried both blonde shades: Universal Blonde and Universal Warm Blonde and the Blonde is perfect for me. Recently I decided to give brow pencils another go, and I was pleasantly surprised at how things have changed thanks to this guy from It Cosmetics.
Many brands either have too soft a pencil or too much pigment and this beauty is just right.
Sometimes I do color it a shade of red, but my brows are dark brown and kind of sparse and this shade looked a wee bit off.
I’ve been using a very similar pencil from Kevyn Aucoin, which I love too but IT has so many more colors to choose from (I think twice as many).

The key is the size of the pencil: It's one of the thinnest ones I've used, which makes it super-easy to fill in sparse areas and draw on individual hairs. Plus, unlike a lot of brow pencils that are often too waxy and hard, this one has the perfect amount of give. It deposits enough pigment to fill in my arches quickly with a few swipes, rather than having to build up the color over and over again.
Oh, and it comes with a spoolie, which makes it so much more convenient.The pencil comes in seven shades, for every hair color from blond to brunette, to auburn.
My shade, "Universal Dark Brown," is the perfect mixture of brown and taupe and blends into my brow hairs seamlessly.
It's basically everything you could ever wish for in a brow pencil.It Cosmetics Brow Power Super Skinny Universal Waterproof Brow Pencil in Universal Dark Brown, $24, available at It Cosmetics.

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