Brow power universal eyebrow pencil mini

What It cosmetics Claims about its product: Brow Powerâ„¢ Universal Eyebrow Pencil with Brow Enhancing Technology transforms and adjusts to all brow hair colors. Directions: Apply lighter, softer strokes to match lighter color hair including blonde and silver.
Now I just need to press it and swipe on my arches and end point to achieve that perfect arched and fuller eye brow look that too without any efforts or artificial made up look, it looks almost natural to be honest. I fear of using it 24×7 for I will finish it off quickly and anyways it is not natural so I should save it for special occasions. It does have brow pencil with spooley brush to imitate fuller, thick brows along with grooming and final touch at one go. Its long wear formula is safe and true up to great extent as it managed to stay on my oily skin for more than 10 hours.
Considering its yays and nays I still feel it is good deal for a beginner like me who rarely gets chance to groom herself (I hope every mum would relate with me). It’s not for those of us who might already have many of these products in rotation currently. Two other items that I adore and have used a plenty in the past included in this kit is Hello Lashes Mascara and Vitality Lip Flush. Now I think many It users will be excited the most about the new Heavenly Luxe Master Brush which is exclusive to this set and introduced for the first time. And finally the set also includes Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil for filling and defining brows (Sorry! Oh I have a sister in law, and a 13 & 14 year old niece that are head over heals in love with anything IT Cosmetics I give them; so I have some big hugs coming my way! Smashbox Always on Liquid Lipstick Launches in 20 Shades And Yes There’s a Grey One Too! What is it: This universal, long-wear eyebrow pencil is infused with cutting-edge brow-enhancing ingredients and technology. Comment:Received my Fitbit charger cable fairly quickly and I was updated along every step as to the progress of my order.
The oval shaped tip creates the most natural looking, believable brow and is perfect for both thin and thick brows. They usually have blonde or light hairs except a few Mexican beauties who look more or less Indians unless they speak hola, gracias..
I already own few brow pencils from NYC and other drugstore brands which are slight cheaper. It’s for the It Girl who already knows and loves herself some It and might need to stock up on of her fav products or it’s for the It Girls who want to gift their besties with some great products they love! Like for example, I have two It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination Powders already in my stash and I don’t need another one.
This is a high coverage, super silky powder with excellent coverage that can easily be applied sheer or built for full coverage.

Vitality Lip Flush is one of those natural shades of pink that will look fab on anyone’s lip. Or hey, hopefully it contains some of your favorite It Cosmetics products so you can stock up on your favorites at a very, very small price tag as they are practically giving things away in this kit! I love IT Cosmetics products too, but add a brush to a good deal and they got me hook, line, and sinker! We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. As a finishing touch, lightly brush through brows with the spooley brush for a natural, polished look. But let me warn you, initially it might pluck few hairs as we tend to swipe it with pressure but it is just fine and anyways you get rid of unwanted hairs on eye brow at one go lol! I still I feel It Cosmetics is fair deal for me because it gives me pro like look in just one touch, it not only grooms but treats and maintains my brows as well.
It’ll make a fabulous gift and it is shipped in a gorgeous box making for a beautiful presentation.
It doesn’t quite work well with my drier skin and it does tend to cling so you want to prep really well with it if have a similar skin type as mine. It’s formulated with argan and other oils so it has a nice hydrating base and leave lips with a hint of color, shine, and moisture.
Soft, synthetic brushes with a sturdy handy and the ability to blend any and all makeup to an airbrushed finish is what the Heavenly Luxe Collection is all about! Our Exclusive Brow Enhancing Complex uses a patent-pending blend of cutting-edge ingredients to target the look of brow hair loss, and restore your brow hair follicles – promoting the look of healthy hair growth and health.
I wonder it does not smudge on my oily skin easily and remains intact for 10-12 hours but it comes off easily with napkin or finger strokes, quiet impressive. And most important fact is its oval shaped tip which is soft & smooth on my delicate sensitive skin and helps in getting clean and precised shape. Set contains five of It Cosmetics best selling products along with the brand new It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Master Brush. The set is also a great way to introduce yourself to the brand and to find out for yourself what all the hype is about.
QVC implemented a $3 shipping price on all beauty and makeup a few months ago and this set ships for a mere $3 plus add to the fact it is $59.94 and well, you have a really incredible deal that works out to $10 bucks or so per product in the set. Oily skin users will likely love it as it does mattify while giving skin a smooth, flawless finish. Hello Lases Mascara provides great volume and length to lashes with a straight line brush that has a tiny ball detailer at the end for capturing lashes and adding more length and volume after your initial application.
Hence, I would always consider It Cosmetics brow pencil and highly recommend this brow power pencil to all beauties especially messy mums like me who always look for quick fixes and touch ups at one go (who are novice and beginners to use powder or other options) along with getting fuller & thick brows with each usage! This set is a great pick up for those who haven’t yet to immerse themselves into the world of It Cosmetics as it contains some of their greatest products like my personal favorite Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer which happens to be one of the most pigmented concentrated concealers around.

It’s a great mascara that wears fabulously on my drier eyes without smearing or flaking. Use it with your favorite concealer to buff under eyes for a perfect finish or even around your jawline with your favorite contouring powder. And I believe we may manage to go bare without these tools unless we need to achieve perfect red carpet look that too very rare what say.. Needless to say it gives natural look in day light as well as artificial light which is totally amazing and nobody gets an idea unless we reveal it or they spy on you.. The blend of brow-conditioning ingredients include saw palmetto, nettle extract, green tea, biotin, lecithin, grapeseed, panthenol, and vitamins A, C, and E.
I never felt need of touch ups before 12 hours and even if I slept with this brow liner on, it never irritated my skin nor it gave me any hair fall rather I felt my eye brows were intense & fuller next day as well! I personally love using a drop of face oil mixed with a bit of this concealer under my eyes to cover all the drama and woe under their for a brighter, wide awake look. While searching for a decent brow pencil I came across it cosmetics universal brow power pencil and its drool worthy description was good enough to persuade me.
For me it is totally a win win stuff however I am not sure about its claim of enhancing hair follicles as I never noticed any prominent extra hair growth in these 4-5 weeks. You can use it on your face as well since this formula will do major concealing work on redness, darkness, etc….!
I am glad I picked it for firstly it is a dual brow pencil with liner and brush and secondly it is a universal brow pencil which will work fine on almost every skin tone & age group beauty including blessed beauties who just survived chemical chemotherapy irrespective of our country of origin isn’t amazing?
I mean it did gave me naturally healthy, fuller, shiny, intense shaded look for good long hours but I did not experienced any sudden new hair growth except few small hair follicles but I should. Yes gals they say, it is safe enough for all blessed cancer chemotherapy survivors who lost their hairs while battling for life however, I cannot justify this claim but this idea is so pure & noble in itself. Moreover, I am damn sure it is safe enough to be used on any sensitive or delicate skin as my skin is more or less sensitive and after using it for more than a month I can justify that it totally helps in getting fuller, healthier shiny hairs without any hair loss or side effects. I must say initially I found it slight messy but practice makes a man err woman perfect and that’s how I am gaining confidence to wear it more often publicly!
We will keep you updated during the process, and advise you each step of the way (Once the order has been confirmed, arrived at USA office, arrived at SA Customs, arrived at SA offices and despatched to customer with tracking details). Please note you will receive automatic feedback requests from BoB before the order is delivered, please wait for the order to be delivered before rating us. The authorized SA distributor of our products are under no obligation to honour the manufacturer's warranties or to provide after sales service.

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