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In an ancient time, long before the introduction of the modern-day business name generator or business naming companies … lived 12 Master Gurus, selectively spread across the world. Hearing of the legends, adventurers, power seekers, and businessmen from across the world would travel to seek out the fabled knowledge the Master Gurus possessed. Out of the 12 Master Gurus, who all had distinctive and well-known names, there was one who held a power far greater than the others. According to legend, The Brand Name Guru was a mysterious figure who had the knowledge of creating a business name that would go on to be known and recognized around the globe. The Brand Name Guru lived a long and successful life as one of Asia’s greatest economists, businessmen and business name creators.
In his old age, The Brand Name Guru retreated to a life of solitude and reflection on a small, solitary island off the coast of India, growing weary of requests to “name my business”.
Asad and Hammad of the creative writing Contest Marketplace CopyShoppy heard of the legendary business naming capabilities of the ancient Master Guru. In an effort to learn his business name secrets and pass them on to the CopyShoppy copywriting community, they set sail for Asia to speak with locals to learn more about The Brand Name Guru, and attempt to find the island location where the Master Guru was said to have spent the last few years of his life. Many locals claimed that The Brand Name Guru never existed, while others maintained that the sea swallowed the island where the Guru spent his final years of meditation.
After countless nights spent on the ocean, and through sheer determination, a little bit of luck and perhaps a dash of fate, Asad and Hammad finally stumbled upon the mysterious island where The Brand Name Guru was said to have lived and generated business names.
What they uncovered there was nothing short of spectacular … leading to the development of the most creative business name generator ever.
The word(s) you enter into the input box should relate with the product or service you plan to sell, or they should be words that describe what you want your customers think of when someone mentions your business.

After inputing one or two keywords and selecting your industry, click the Humbly request names button to generate business name suggestions. Once you find a business name you like, click the Check Domain button on the right of the brand name result. After requesting the Business Name Generator Guru for new business brand name ideas a few times, share buttons will appear on the left side of the page. Starting a business needs a good catchy name which has a big factor on the success of your new venture. There was a Master Guru that closely held the secrets to a successful love life, and another that held the keys to achieve inhuman power and speed. His name was never disclosed or known – he was simply referred to as “The Brand Name Guru”. He could produce the most powerful and creative business name ideas for those lucky enough to receive them. He held the greatest hand in generating and masterminding the base of the flourishing Asian economy, transforming the continent from a once poverty-stricken and ravenous land into a prosperous, stable and desired place. Even still, through treacherous seas and mythical storms, merchants, entrepreneurs and would-be businessmen from all corners of the Earth would embark on voyages to seek out The Brand Name Guru – they knew that whatever business name he generated for his requestors would cause the business to be world-renowned and successful. For example, if you plan to start a web design business, choose the "Art & Design" industry. If you found the Guru business name creator to be helpful, share us with your friends or business network who may also find the Guru helpful.
Awesome!If you still haven’t found the perfect business name after generating business names suggestions a few times, click the Get Perfect Name button.

Click on the image for a preview, or visit the Help Desk for more in-depth information and full samples.Results will be emailed back to you, generally within 4 business hours. Start-ups should avoid long names such as Genevieve’s Fishing and Tackle Supplies, which are difficult in some media, he adds.
Cutesy spelling can work for packaged products, he says, but are murder as an Internet domain name.
This will allow you to host a contest on CopyShoppy, where dozens of talented copywriters compete to provide your business with the brand name that will drive word-of-mouth, skyrocketing your sales.
According to David Burd, president of The Naming Company in East Stroudsburg, Pa., it’s common for new entrepreneurs to try to convey too much in their business names. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
After all, thirty creative minds are greater than one, even the Business Name Generator Guru’s!Creating a brand name online has never been easier with CopyShoppy's Business Name Generator Guru and Business Brand Name contests! A suggestive name applies a quality or attribute of your product (say, Indonesian Jewelry, if all your beads were from Indonesia). An arbitrary name has no connection to what you are selling, along the lines of, say, Apple Computer Inc.

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