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Live Receptionist ServiceA bespoke live answering service that can be tailored to suit your needs. Voice PromptsGet your Voice Prompts or Outgoing Voicemail messages professionally recorded by our Professional Voice Artist. Single PROFESSIONAL Voice PromptThis service is our most flexible service and can be used on most Telephone Systems. We can provide virtual telephone or fax numbers for anywhere in the UK and most of the world. All Halifax phone numbers begin with 01422, We also provide you with numbers for nearby exchanges and will show you included exchanges as well. You can use the data below to find out important demographic information for any area code. For those looking to extend their customer base to cover the area of Halifax and its surrounding areas, we offer 8 different telephone packages and 1 fax to email package to suit your needs and budget. For the ultimate up-to-date Optus experience, take a minute to upgrade your browser Click here to upgrade. You can check your prepaid credit, balance, expiry date and data usage via My Optus App or SMS a€?menua€™ to 9999.
If you've already activated your SIM card and have been allocated a new number, you won't be able to replace the new number with your old number. Sometimes if you cancel a contract with another service provider early, they may charge you a fee. Optus AutoRecharge is an online service that will enable you to register your credit card and set up automated recharges for your Optus Prepaid service.
Your data free audio music streaming is for your single usage, through the included mobile music service apps only (at launch: on Google Play Music, Guvera, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify). Compatibility: If you bring your own device, make sure it's not locked to other networks and is compatible with the Optus network. Compatibility: If you bring your own device, make sure it's not locked to other networks and is compatible with the Optus Network. Data Offer: Customers on My Prepaid Ultimate will receive double their standard data inclusion on every $30 and $40 recharge and additional data on every $50+ recharge made before 1 May 2016. If you're looking to buy a prepaid mobile phone or smartphone outright we have an ever-growing range to suit your needs.
Whatever you're looking for, keep an eye on this page to shop and compare our awesome value prepaid mobile deals.
Choosing a mobile phone that's right for you will depend on many factors, some of which include: your budget, the kinds of features most useful to you, and what your likely usage will be.

Perhaps you prefer just a basic phone for making phone calls and sending SMS with a physical keypad for easy typing. We also have some pretty fancy smartphones available on prepaid ranging from basic models to Android phones with large screens, cameras and dual and quad core processors for fast performance.
So if you love surfing the web and using email, watching videos, taking snaps and using social networks then a 3G or 4G smartphone might be your best option. You'll need your SIM card number to activate your service a€“ it's the 13-digit number printed on the SIM card itself as well as on the packaging.
Are you looking to simply BYO (bring your own) phone and use it on the awesome Optus mobile network?
When you buy one of our prepaid mobile plans you'll be able to use the Optus mobile network in Optus coverage areas to make local and international phone calls, send SMS, plus access mobile internet for sending emails, downloading files, streaming video and much more, on the go. If you live or work in our 4G Plus coverage areas and use mobile internet a lot for downloading music & apps, uploading photos to Facebook or Instagram, streaming HD video, or playing games, then one of the latest 4G* phones might be ideal for you. And here's another awesome fact a€“ our My Prepaid Daily and My Prepaid Monthly Plus plans are 4G-compatible. However, if having access to quicker 4G* data speeds isn't a big deal for you then one of our 3G phones might fit your budget, and still give you mobile internet access in Optus coverage areas. Whatever you're searching for, we're here to help match you up with a prepaid mobile phone and the best prepaid mobile plan for your needs. Check out our plans page to compare My Prepaid Daily plans which give you a 6 month credit expiry and the My Prepaid Monthly Plus plan to get amazing calls, text and data value for 30 days. To buy a virtual local telephone number for this area, please call 01753 624 121see the packages and their features below. Buy as many phone numbers as needed and set them to forward calls to your cell phone or landline. If you have submitted your activation order outside of these times, your service will remain active with your current Mobile Service Provider and will be processed on the next available business day.
So if you make a request outside of these hours, your service will remain active with your existing provider until the next business day and then switchover. Be sure to check with your existing provider as Optus is not liable for any fees incurred as a result of you transferring your service from another carrier. All you need to do is recharge before your credit expires and the remaining data will be added to the data balance of your new recharge. If you recharged today with $40, your 100MB gets added to your new recharge's data allowance, which is 4GB. This speed is for single usage on your service, to enable you to stream audio music data free through the included mobile music service apps.

Data services (Blackberry Internet Solution) are not available with BlackBerry phones running on operating system version 7.1 or earlier. We carry most leading brands of prepaid phones from basic phones to smart phones by Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Alcatel and Doro. When you receive your phone simply activate your SIM card, then choose the best prepaid plan for your needs during the activation process. No problem, it's easy to just get a prepaid SIM card - as long as your phone is compatible and unlocked from any other network provider, you're good to go.
So, whether you're buying a 4G prepaid mobile from us or bringing your own phone, you'll be able to take advantage of all the benefits of our ever-growing 4G network. Our connection and site are fully secured with encryption software to protect your personal information. Also easily add phone extensions that can be used to route and forward calls to different phone numbers based on the extension the caller enters. The following steps summarise what needs to happen if you want to keep your number and transfer it to Optus Prepaid. Switching normally occurs within about 20 minutes, but can take up to 4 hours during these times. To get up to speed with your balance, free SMS the keyword BAL to 9999 or download the My Optus app. The CallModo software also provides you with powerful reporting features that show you who and where your calls are coming from. And if there's any data left before the credit expires again, you can simply continue to roll it over. Optus makes no guarantee regarding the quality and availability of coverage or any roaming services. Some streaming services may require paid subscription or access fees & may not have apps available on all mobile operating systems.
Unlimited Standard International Calls: Available with $40+ recharges on My Prepaid Ultimate from 1 February 2016 to 10 July 2016. Countries are China, India, USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Malaysia.

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