California car registration use tax

Contracted by the California DMV:California Auto Registration Service, CARS is privately owned. We can not perform driver's license testing, issue driver's licenses, California Identification cards, or supply registrations for boats at this time.
California Auto Registration Service, CARS is licensed by the State Of California Department of Motor Vehicles to make it possible for you to complete DMV related transactions without having to go to the DMV.
If your case is complicated, no problem, we can prepare the appropriate forms for you, gather any records and information you may need, eliminating you having to go anywhere else.

We will work with you by phone, fax, email or text massaging.  Wea€™ll make it easy for you to get the transaction completed!
Laws and Legislation for Motorized Bicycles Share you knowledge of the laws in your state in this forum. If you answered 'No' to any of the questions, your vehicle is not a motorized bicycle as defined by the California Vehicle Code 406.
Get a USPS Postal Money Order for $19 - it seems to speed up the process if the DMV doesn't need to hold your check.

Lucky teh hee, till something goes wrong and you go to court and the state tries to argue it's your fault because your vehicle wasn't registered properly and should have never been on the road in the first place and had it not been on the road nothing would have happened. Some people have been able to register by sending $18, but the $19 fee amount is shown on the registration card.

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