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The California Instruments 1201WP is a 1200VA AC Power Source for testing that requires variable line voltage and frequency. California Instruments 801RP Series AC Power Source 800 VAThe California Instruments 801RP AC Power Source is designed with both European and US outlet sockets to connect the load making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. California Instruments FCS Series II AC Power Supply 18kVA – 54kVAThe FCS Series provides high output single or three phase power.
California Instruments MX15-1 High Output AC Power Source 15kVAThe MX Series offers high levels of AC and DC power in a relatively compact floor standing cabinet.

Elgar 501SL Single Phase 500 VA AC Power SourceThe SL series provide a wide range of single, two and three phase, and precision solid-state AC power sources.
EM TEST ACS 500N3 Single Phase AC Voltage Source 3 KVAACS 500N3 is a single phase AC source specifically designed for harmonics and flicker testing. EM TEST ACS 500N6 Single Phase AC Voltage Source 6 KVAACS 500N6 is a single phase AC source specifically designed for harmonics and flicker testing. Everything from single phase frequency converter to three phase smart programmable power supplies for dips and interrupts, Harmonic and Flicker, DO-160, Mil Standard STD 704, ABD 100, Airbus A350, AIRB, and Boeing B787 800Hz, you can find here.

Also referred to as power sources or frequency converters, AC Power Supplies are used in a variety of applications including semiconductor, aerospace, alternative energy and EMC testing. Simulate the grid condition required by UUT and regulations, such as voltage abnormality test, frequency abnormality test, or low voltage ride through.

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