Cancer zodiac sign picture quotes

The Cancer Horoscope for 2017 predicts that there could be a general development in all parts of your life. Your horoscope 2017 prediction foretells that fresh possibilities are most likely to open on the profession front.
For the Cancer zodiac sign, those of you who are unattached might discover true love this year. Cancerians should steer clear of over eating, as excesses of any type are best recommended to be avoided. The Cancer horoscope 2017 prediction foresees that your domestic life might stay fairly calm this year. The upper portion of their body is comparatively large and generally they have short stature. They face prolonged bad periods in life whenever malefic main period and malefic sub-period operate. The strength of Sun blesses the native with good health and vitality, strong will power, satisfactory social status, paternal bliss, happy family life, fame, interest in politics, male children, wealth, management and administrative qualities.
The strong strength of Mercury indicates excellent assessment, analytical and decisive powers, communication skills, interest in pursuing higher studies, and efforts of a high order, confidence and support from younger siblings. The strength of Jupiter blesses with interest in studies, knowledge of various subjects, religious nature, financial stability, strong resistance power, divine grace and good health etc. Saturn, when strong provides unearned wealth, unexpected gains, inheritance, blissful long marital life, long life span etc.
Your Birth Month's Meaning RevealedYour month of birth reveals secrets about your personality. January 16, 2012 by Felix Being overly dominated by emotions can either be a good thing or a bad thing, especially when it comes to life altering decisions such as love and careers.  The good thing about being too emotionally involved is that you tend to understand yourself much more than others do, and at the same time this gives you enough insight to feel empathic towards individuals of the same or almost same nature. The Cancer Zodiac Sign is one of the star signs that can be completely dominated by his or her emotions, but can also give out care and love to those he or she comes in contact with.

The crab is mainly a water creature, and it is also nocturnal in nature with a really hard shell to protect itself from external elements and pinchers to defend itself from its enemies.  The Cancer Zodiac Sign can definitely be attributed to the crab, being that it is also a water dominated zodiac sign and at the same time the general attributes of a crab has certain similarities to the protective nature of a Cancer when it comes to his or her emotions and loved ones. Generally speaking, the Crab is most compatible with the zodiac signs dominated by the element of Water and Earth, and can be at complete odds with those horoscope astrological signs dominated by Fire and Water.  Because of its emotional characters and traits, the Cancer Zodiac Sign can also go both ways when it comes to compatibility with itself as well as the sign’s polar opposite which is Capricorn. Generally speaking, water based astrological signs such as Cancer is compatible with earth dominated elements such as Virgo and Taurus.  Water element dominated signs such as Pisces and Scorpio also agree well when it comes to a relationship with a Cancer. The star signs Leo and Cancer do not have a lot in common.  While this relationship can work, most of the time it really doesn’t. There will be numerous possibilities for you personally to show your intellect to everyone.
You might face some surprising circumstances, so it is much better to deal with them wisely. There are excellent probabilities of one's love relationships concluding into marriage this year. Your sources of earnings may improve this year, but for financial savings the year isn't favorable. In this section the description is given according to functional nature of planet in the nativity by their strength, placement, affliction, as per Systems Approach. Generally they are good listeners and possess strong analytical power and global awareness, In addition to this they are creative and religious by nature. You'll really feel like wasting a part of your financial savings for beginning a brand new venture.
You have currently been struggling with some persistent ailments; attempt some healing therapies to obtain improved and lasting advantages. The rapport with your parents, particularly your father, might stay strained as your view of life might differ from theirs. Some of them are likely to be discreet and independent in many ways, but they are not easy to cope up with because of their changing ideas and moods.

In addition to this they might suffer from retarded physical & mental growth, intestinal problems, respiratory, cervical pain, depression, neurological disorders, sleeplessness or skin diseases etc.
If Ketu is near the midpoint of any house, it deteriorates the significance of all houses, aspected by malefic Ketu. Find out just how much you'll need to lead a good life after which the rest may be taken up for financial savings or some kind of charity. In addition to this its weak strength might cause blood infections, arthritis, immune deficiency, muscle cramps, problem in ankles & feet etc. Simultaneously it gives obstructions, denial, manipulations, decisiveness, greed, over ambitiousness, addiction etc. You need to let go of all previous emotional baggage and start living life on a happy note. Apart from this whenever malefic Rahu is in the sign of exaltation and not near the mid point then also it gives good materialistic results. Besides this whenever malefic Ketu is in the sign of exaltation and not near the mid point then also it gives good results.
Although you may be the expressive one in the relationship, your partners too will share their feelings with you as well. You will then realize that you are now in a position to do more than you thought your body was ever capable of.

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