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CapricornThe people under the influence of a Capricorn horoscope tend to be better employees for any company or workplace.They perfectly understand the practicalities of business and harbor lust for power and money.
Capricorn are people who can be of the most mysterious and hard to understand as they have a very marked and strong personality. You know that your solar sign is Capricorn, but you still don’t know the features that it has to offer you. Messenger Mercury activates your sixth house of self-care until May 29, urging you to hop on the wellness wagon. You thrive on convention, professionalism, traditional values and you make great progress at work and in your relationships because of your independence.

Their rationality with the methodical approach makes them perfect scientists and academics. Get your daily dose of vitamin D by taking your workouts al fresco, even if it?s only a brisk walk through the park. You're resilient, you strive to come out on top of every challenge and most often succeed in doing so. The Capricorn works hard to get position and power and equally expect their subordinates to work hard and tend to be harsh taskmasters.Unfortunately, they tend to be moody and pessimistic. The quicksilver planet?s influence can work wonders for your vitality levels over the next three weeks.

However you can also be dictatorial, distrusting and conceited at times as well as inhibited and unimaginative. They can even indulge in conspiracies and make people around them rather miserable with subtle griping and sniping, if they fail to achieve the power and position they aspire to.
You may find that a free Capricorn daily horoscope reading today can help you curb you negative tendencies when they could cause you problems in your work and personal life.

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