Car license plates ideas

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At least this owner is willing to admit…well, almost true, that this Saturn has FPITBG Lol!
The submitter of this one said “It takes about a minute to get it…” What do you guys think? Under the Vehicle Seizure Program, drivers stopped by a peace officer and found to have their operator's licence suspended will have the vehicle they were driving seized and impounded for a period of 30 days. You can buy a personalized licence plate online for your vehicle or for someone else if you have a driver’s licence number or registrant identification number.

A personalized licence plate (also known as vanity plates) can have up to seven characters, either letters or numbers. Veterans' licence plates can be used on vehicles with passenger class registration, such as passenger cars, SUVs, station wagons, minivans, motor homes, light trucks and motorcycles.
These plate messages just came available and may not be around for long so grab them while you can. We are excited to share with you the three winners in our License Plate Love Story Photo Contest we held in February. I have a lot of pets, mini horses, mini donkeys, mini goats, mini pig, lots of dogs and cats, chickens, ducks, snake, and turtles and I love them all (well I don't know about the snake, it is my daughter's!) I have loved animals all my life and finally, as an adult, have the chance to have so many.

Our License Plate Love Story photo contest on has been running on our Facebook page where we encourage our fans to tell us what they love using a license plate. If you see one you like, be sure to create a plate with your favorite message before another lucky Texan scoops it up! By the way I am the only one in my household that doesn't have personalized plates :-( I have gotten them for my son and husband but not myself!

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