Car power inverter for power tools

A generator creates electrical power, while an inverter changes one type of electrical current to another. Alternating current and direct current differ in that electrons flow back and forth in AC, but only in one direction in DC. An inverter takes the existing power that comes in the form of direct current and converts it to alternating current. One of the most common everyday uses of inverters is to provide power to run different electronics in automobiles.
Larger inverters are used on construction sites to provide electricity for power tools and other devices. An important distinction between an inverter and a generator is that an inverter can only work if there is already a source of electrical energy; it cannot create its own. Generators can be designed to produce either AC or DC electricity, although most used in power stations and for smaller applications generate AC.
Inverter generators are like traditional generators because they produce AC power, which is then converted to DC power before being converted back to AC. Some people also confuse an inverter with a power converter, even using the terms interchangeably.
I did not get a correct explanation for the replacement of a home inverter with a generator.

This could be explained a lot easier if one was told how a generator works, then how an inverter works.This was confusing to me as I know a great deal about electricity.
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Because AC can tolerate higher voltages, it loses less energy when it travels longer distances. Cars usually produce DC, which is not compatible with most devices meant to use standard household outlets.
Solar and wind energy generators use inverters to convert the power they produce into that which can be used in a home. Unless part of a combination machine, inverters simply convert DC to AC, while a traditional generator cannot change current from one form to another. In most cases, electric generators are responsible for providing the energy a home receives.
Our requirement of power at home is satisfied with an inverter, so in the same way why don't we use a inverter in place of a diesel generator?
Inverters are used when devices that use AC power need to be used in a car or other place where only DC power is available. Most modern cars have an accessory port that a portable inverter can be plugged into, allowing a small TV, cell phone, or other electronic device to use the power.

If the voltage that electricity needs to be changed, for example, a transformer must be used. The conversion also allows the generator to be more fuel efficient, as well as operate more quietly than standard models. Different voltage levels are used in different countries, and travelers to other parts of the world may need a converter to use appliances like hair dryers and electric shavers.
The two machines have distinctly different functions, although there are inverter generators which do both for greater energy efficiency. Different types of inverters use a variety of filtering methods, depending on how smooth the output needs to be. A portable generator commonly uses gasoline or diesel fuel, which is burned to create electricity for use on a construction site or in a building during a power outage.

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