Car reg plates in ireland

If you plan to use your car outside the UK, you need to make sure it has the correct country code markings on it.
Remember that Switzerland and Andorra are technically outside the EU – so to be safe, a GB sticker is required.
If using a GB sticker, you only put one on the rear of a vehicle, so perhaps a rear europlate is enough. MINI is both the name of a subsidiary of BMW, and a car produced by that subsidiary since 2001.

If you are worried, just stick a GB sticker on the back of your car as well and you will be covered – you only need a GB sticker OR an EU-style registration plate, not both.
The car is marketed as a retro redesign of the original Mini, which was manufactured by the British Motor Corporation and its successors from 1959 to 2000. Essay writing To distinguish it from its predecessor (the 'classic Mini'), the brand name for the new car is MINI (written in capital letters). The MINI is manufactured in Cowley in Oxford, United Kingdom, in what was historically the Morris car plant.

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