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New York, NY - New York City Comptroller William Thompson is proposing a new registration fee for motor vehicles based on their weight. Thompson says the fee would generate more than $1 billion a year for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
Thompson says that under his plan it would cost $100 more to register a light, fuel-efficient vehicle like a Toyota Yaris, but it would cost an additional $430 to register a Lincoln Navigator. Soon all the cars in this city will be registered in PA or NJ and the city will have no revenue from auto registration.
Unless something has changed recently, present registration fees are already based on weight. Did any one propose to stop funding or at least start charging illegal immigrants for service from the city like healthcare & education rather than the legal citizens keep on funding these welfare programs? Lets hear some ideas from our local politicians on how to get out of this financial mess we are in. If this new weight based fee includes the weight of the driver some of us would REALLY be in trouble! This is great idea, watch this, soon when you board a bus, subway, or a flight, you will be paying by weight. Our goal is to give you the most up-to-date, accurate information about your state DMV's processes. Fill out the Claim for Sales Tax Exemption (Form DTF-803) for a tax exemption if you purchased the car before you moved to New York. If you have a loan on your car and a lienholder has your title, the New York State DMV will record this information on your registration and title. Provide a certified copy of your vehicle title from the lienholder (the copy of the vehicle title and the certification of the title must be on the same piece of paper).
Shows that the lienholder has possession of the original title and knows the owner of the vehicle is registering the vehicle in New York. Insurance is a requirement in New York for every vehicle, whether it is being driven or not. Buying a vehicle from a car dealership can make registering it very easy, because the dealership usually submits all of the information to the NYSDMV on your behalf. Be aware that dealerships are allowed to charge a fee to take care of the registration paperwork. You will be required to get a vehicle inspection when you are transferring a title from one party to another. You will be given an inspection extension sticker to get your vehicle inspected within 10 days of registration. NOTE: You can go online to the NYSDMV E-ZVisit registration option to fill out your registration application before going to the DMV. If you are a resident of New York and are stationed in a different state, the NYSDMV recommends registering the vehicle in the state where you are stationed, not in New York.
If you absolutely must register your vehicle in New York, you can do so by mail or through a second party registration as instructed in below section on Absentee Registration in New York.
Current members of the Armed Forces who are residents of New York state and are stationed in another state may defer taxes on vehicles, provided that you do not keep a residence in New York while you are out of state.

You must fill out a Claim for Sales Tax Exemption (form DTF-803) to qualify for the deferment. Members of the military who are stationed in New York do not need to register their vehicle in the state, as long as they do not claim residency in New York. Residents in New York who are out of state or absolutely cannot make it to the NYSDMV to register their vehicle can do so through a secondary party or by mail. When the owner of a vehicle cannot go to the DMV themselves, they may have a secondary party (spouse, family member, friend) register the car for them. The person whose name will be on the registration must fill out all the forms listed in the “Register by Mail" section below. The secondary party must then go to your local NYSDMV Office and present proofs of identification for the person registering car and the secondary party. Military members stationed outside of New York who fill out the Certification of Disposition of Vehicle on Behalf of Absentee Owner (form MV-456) do not need to provide proof of identification.
If you are out of state, or extenuating circumstances require you to register by mail, follow the below steps. Mail all the forms and the payment by express mail, certified mail, or registered mail to your local NYSDMV Office.
Allow 2 weeks for the documents to be delivered, and once they are, allow an additional 90 days for the DMV to process the application. If the application is rejected for any reason, it will be sent back to you with instructions to complete the form and return it. Registering vehicles for the first time in New York requires payment of fees and taxes on the vehicle.
There is also a 2-year fee of $32.50 if you drive an electric vehicle, or a car with 6 or more cylinders. Registering your custom-built vehicle in New York follows a different process to registering a regular car. If you purchase your vehicle from a dealer, the dealer is responsible for getting the vehicle inspected within 30 days of sale. If you purchase your vehicle from a private individual, you will be given an inspection extension sticker to get your vehicle inspected within 10 days of registration.
Out-of-state vehicles will be given an inspection sticker to be used when the vehicle is returned to New York. To register a vehicle that you imported from another country, it will need to first pass U.S. After you receive the appropriate document from Customs and Border Protection, bring it to your local DMV office along with all other documents listed above, and follow the same steps for registration. If you have a homemade or custom-built vehicle, there is a separate process for establishing proof of ownership and vehicle registration.
Use this form for many registration and title transactions, including applications, renewals, replacements, and changes.
Submit this form if you bought or received a motor vehicle, boat, ATV, snowmobile, or trailer and DID NOT pay sales tax. Instructions for using vehicle registration and title application, including a list of required documentation.

Submit if you are exempt from sales tax because you are not a NY resident, are an exempt organization, or have another valid exemption. Submit this form if you are claiming sales tax credit in NY for sales tax paid in another state.
Complete this form if you're in the military and need to give someone permission to sell your vehicle on your behalf. Before your car has expired tags, you'll need to complete your license plate sticker renewal.
I acknowledge that DMV.org is a privately-owned Web site that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. DMV.org is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. Every year he returns money from his allocated budget back to the City, cause he doesn't spend like others every penny the City gives him for his office expense.
The date you see here reflects the most recent time we've verified this information with your state DMV. The car must be registered within 30 days of establishing residency, and you must get New York car insurance before you register the vehicle.
The lienholder statement cannot request notification of registration from the NYSDMV, as they will not provide that service. There are different processes based on whether you have bought the vehicle from a dealer or from a private party.
Whenever you are registering a vehicle, you must present proof of insurance in the form of the New York State Insurance Identification Card (form FS-20). Most dealerships can also issue temporary vehicle registration certificates and license plates.
If you did not pay sales tax with the dealer, you will be required to pay it when you register. The previous owner must fill out the odometer and damage disclosure statement on the back of the title, and must apply for a new title if the current one is not properly registered in their name. You can have your registration items mailed to an address different from that which is on your registration document.
These include sales tax, vehicle license plate fees, title certification fees, and vehicle use tax in some counties. Other vehicle registration fees vary based on your vehicle's weight, and cover a period of 2 years. Make sure to include a note clearly specifying the return address you wish them to be sent to. Go to the NYSDMV fees page to estimate a general figure for what it might cost to register your vehicle.

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